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The St. Raphael oil is just a vehicle that God uses to heal us. We are all instruments of God, only JESUS CHRIST is the Divine Physician and healer.

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Holy Raphael says in the Book of Tobit, “Thank God! Give Him the praise and the glory. Before all the living, acknowledge the many good things He has done for you, by blessing and extolling His name in song. Before all men, honor and proclaim God’s deeds, and do not be slack in praising Him. A king’s secret is prudent to keep, but the works of God are to be made known with due honor. Do good, and evil will not find its way to you.”  Tobit 12: 6-8

Blessed Oil should not be associated with superstitions such as the Blessed Oil having a magical power in itself. Blessed Oil is a symbol of God’s power and grace at work through the faith of the believer. Remember it is your faith, combined with Almighty God’s power and Will, in the Holy Name of JESUS, through the powerful intercession of the Archangel St. Raphael, all the prayers that go into the oil as it is being prepared, and the priestly blessing that heal you through this blessed oil. It is good to remember that the blessed oil is just a vehicle that God uses to heal us. We are all instruments of God, only God is the Divine Physician and healer.

The St Raphael Ministry continues to receive testimonials from all over the world. We have listed a few of them for you to read. If you feel you have received the gift of healing, spiritually, mentally or physically, by the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession of St. Raphael, please write us!

Immediately below are some of our favorites, continue to scroll down for all current testimonials:

MARK MALLETT is a Roman Catholic singer/songwriter and missionary. He has performed and preached throughout North America and abroad. Here is his account of a healing he received through the intercession of St. Raphael.
2009 Dear Fr. Joe,
I heard about your amazing healing ministry on Michigan Catholic Radio and sent my request for your healing oil. I was desperate and my life was horrible. Not only was my husband critical but the hospital treating him wanted to let him die. The doctors never explained to me the true severity of his illness— severe atrophy of the mid brain (the part of the brain that makes you person) Add diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, gallbladder disease with gallstones and a tumor, hepatitis, acute pancreatitis, an “undiagnosed brain injury” caused by a car accident, severe anemia, with a shower of clots in the brain from a blood clotting disorder. Let’s not forget the hypoglycemic episode with anoxic encephalopathy which means very low blood sugar and cessation of cerebral blood flow to brain tissue, no oxygen in the brain and multiple strokes causing severe damage. I blessed him with the oil and prayed the prayers on the prayer card. I know that the St. Raphael healing oil changed our lives dramatically! (The doctors continued to advise that I let him die.) Then suddenly Louis miraculously improved! Today he only suffers from amnesia (from the car accident) and diabetes, all other medical conditions have been healed and returned to normal!!!  How do you live without brain cells and act normal??? Only by a miracle of God! Words could never express my gratitude Fr. Joe for this beautiful expression of God’s love and mercy. I know he was healed through the St. Raphael oil! Thank you St. Raphael, thank you Holy Mary Mother of God! Thank you Jesus! Jesus, humble of heart make my heart more like yours. Jesus, I trust in You!  Please Fr. Joe send me more holy oil so I can share with other needy souls. I will always support this ministry. God bless you Fr. Joe!   Maureen MI


Before I had surgery on the tumour on my right nostril (on 12th Dec)I sought second opinion  and third opinion.

My Dermatologist confirmed that the tumour was cancerous (including biopsy results) 

My Plastic Surgeon confirmed that the tumour was cancerous (including biopsy results)

A Separate Consultant Surgeon reviewed the information and confirmed that the tumour was cancerous 

I saw a naturopath herbalist. He examined the tumour and confirmed that it was a cancer.

Each day since I got the initial biopsy result and tumour diagnosis on My nose, I have been praying the prayers to St Raphael and blessing myself each day with the St Raphael Holy Healing Oil. St Raphael surely is the Medicine of God.

So on 12th Dec the surgical procedure took place.

On last Monday 19th Dec I attended the Plastic Surgeon for review of post-operative wound on nose and lip. She also had results of the biopsies on the full tumour and the other tissue specimens. All the biopsies results shows NO CANCER present and the the tumour removed is benign (not cancer) tumour. (MIRACLE, MIRACLE, MIRACLE) 

Fr. Joe, I thank you and all who prayed for me through these weeks which were very stressful. But what a result the Lord has given us. What a mighty, loving God we serve. “Ask and you SHALL receive, that your joy may be full.” 

Let us praise the Lord all the days and in eternity. Amen   Colin  Ireland

I had brunch today with a close friend of mine. She is 90% deaf in her right ear. I gave her the St. Raphael oil and the prayer card. The moment she took the bottle of oil from me she felt a sensation  in her hand and a sensation in her right ear.  She was six feet or more away from her refrigerator and realized that she could hear the refrigerator motor running! Praise God!     Joan USA
Greetings from the Philippines!
I am Elsa R. A.. I am a plain housewife and a non-practicing registered nurse. I am married to a lawyer and blessed with 5 kids. I am a Marian Devotee and I make rosaries and give them away for free. I have been experiencing some health issues these past few months and  been constantly praying for miracles of healing. 
Last September 11, a few days after Blessed Mother’s birthday and my birthday (September 8), I found a prayer card of St. Raphael and I remembered that I had the holy oil of St. Raphael from your ministry. Luckily, I found it I browsed through the label of the holy oil-  “Contents: olive oil and rose petals”. I looked inside the bottle and to my surprise, the rose petals are no longer there. What I saw mixed with the olive oil are glitters colored silver and gold or are also known as escarchas.  Tears fell from my eyes because Mama Mary once again made her presence felt through the holy oil of St. Raphael. 
I believe that this is an answered prayer for my healing and other intentions. May you continue to give hope and healing around the world through this holy oil. Truly, St. Raphael is the medicine of God. More power and more blessing to all!
I was given St. Raphael oil. My nephew had a cancerous tumor on his brain. I could not get to him before his surgery so I put the oil on my head and prayed for him by proxy. The surgery was to last several hours. An MRI was taken a few days before the surgery. His brain was tumor free! The doctors were so surprised! They looked and looked but could find nothing! My nephew’s wife passed out when the doctors told her that there was nothing wrong with her husband. God bless you Fr. Joe and the St. Raphael Ministry!!!!!


Several years ago I was given a drug because my cholesterol levels were so high. I did not realize the implications of this powerful drug. Within the year I became very sick and eventually was hospitalized as I had gone into renal failure. The doctors said the damage to my kidneys was irreversible. I became unconscious and was in ICU. The doctors told my wife that there was no hope and that she should prepare for my imminent death. She came to my room with several members of her prayer group, and they prayed. One of them had a bottle of Fr. Whalen’s St. Raphael oil and she suggested that it be rubbed on my back. And that’s what they did, while they prayed the prayers that come with the oil. Moments later, I woke up and felt heat on my back. I remember, very clearly asking why everyone was so sad and crying. Well you can imagine their shock! That was several years ago! God granted me a powerful healing through Fr. Whalen’s ministry. My kidneys are completely healed and functioning perfectly. But most of all my faith is stronger than ever! I thank Our Lord Jesus for healing me through Fr. Whalen, and the oil of St. Raphael! John MI


There have been more healings… just lately I gave the oil to a NYC detective (a retired detective like myself and a long time friend) his brother had terminal lung cancer and the doctors told the family that he would not leave the hospital for the next 3-4 weeks. The oil was used on him and he is now home. Doctors are mystified! Thank you St. Raphael! NO signs of cancer!!! Vinny NY


I gave some of your oil to my niece Carrie for her son who is disabled. She has been blessing Timmy with the oil, he’s an adopted son from Korea and has MS.  He’s now 7 or 8 and until lately has not been able to walk without assistance – she sent a short video of him walking unassisted for many steps and is continuing to take more and more steps on his own!  The other thing Carrie, my niece, mentioned is that the Oil never goes down in their bottles (in both cases); always stays the same at the same level! Carrie also felt her co-worker’s husband who had leukemia needed the Oil. The husband has been fighting leukemia for a couple years now it seems, and undergoing treatments, the couple decided to bless him with the Holy Oil every week along with prayer.  She called ecstatic that in his last test there is no sign of leukemia and they are attributing it to the Oil as he was not expected to recover!  God is good – and so are you for providing this special service!  Thank you so much Fr. Joe for you and your ministry, Val

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June 24

I found your website when looking for healing. I ordered the St. Raphael oil and have since become a devoted follower. I continually share my oil with family and friends. A few weeks ago I learned a dear friend of my brother was diagnosed with kidney cancer. My mother, who lives near my brother shared the blessed St. Raphael oil and prayer card with my brother to give to his friend. My brother and his wife accompanied his friend for surgery to Sloane Kettering Hospital in New York City recently expecting that the kidney, pancreas and spleen would be removed because he was told the cancer had spread. Before the surgery they blessed him with the St. Raphael oil and they all prayed the prayers on the prayer card. After the surgery the family was informed that there was no cancer to be found! The doctors were shocked! We all believe this was the miraculous power of God working through his healing Archangel Raphael. Thank you so much for your miraculous healing ministry may God bless you all!  Claudia NY

May 24

We have more testimonies since receiving the last package of oil. We had an old man who was unable walk for several months; he could only walk if someone assisted him. After he blessed himself with the St. Raphael oil he began to speak and walk again. We had two couples who could not conceive children now they have. Thank you again for sending us the oil.

God bless you. +Bishop Musonge Uganda Africa (Monastic Diocese of St. Benedict Orthodox Church)

May 24

God bless you all involved in this ministry. May Fr. Joe Whalen’s soul rest with Jesus. 2015 was the beginning of my conversion journey. I am recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. Our God works through people. By the grace of God unbeknownst to me St.Raphael’s oil and prayers made its way into my home. My spiritual, emotional and physical bottom had been reached. God has blessed me. Thank you my  love and gratitude is endless. St Raphael God’s Angel thank you for this intervention. Amen. Ed M.

May 24

I am very happy  to confess and  acknowledge that these St. Raphael holy oils are very powerful and helpful to me in my ministry especially for sick and suffering in my tribal families. I thank you all for your wonderful ministry.
God bless you all. Fr. Praveen Nukathoti / India

April 24

My grandson Christopher was in the ICU unit of the hospital for 104 days due to severe pancreatitis and it’s complications. He was intubated to breathe and on dialysis and the doctors said that was all they could do. The hospital said he was the sickest patient in ICU. He lost 60 pounds and was extremely sick and thin. His father Troy, told me the day before he received the St. Raphael oil that the hospital had said there was no more they could do for him. I told him don’t worry, the St. Raphael oil will be here tomorrow. Troy said that the turning point was when they received the St. Raphael oil I ordered and they blessed Christopher with it. That was where the miracle began. He started improving and had to go through multiple surgeries to remove the drains etc. He’s out now and he miraculously can walk without a cane or walker and did not need rehab from the dialysis or intubation! His respiratory therapist said she never thought he would ever sit up again to breath. We thank God and the intercession of St. Raphael for his healing! Amazing Grace! Pam

April 24

I’m almost in tears, I gave the St. Raphael oil to Brian A. who had the death sentence, 4th stage pancreatic cancer. He used it and then went in to the doctors and there was nothing there, no sign of cancer. He got a clean bill of health! I’m so happy to report this, Praise God!  Maggie Summers MA

March 24

Thank you so much for the oil. The Raphael oil has blessed my husband and the cancer is responding to his treatment. This was after the doctors said that there was no hope. St. Raphael’s intercession on our behalf has given my husband back his life. Praise God. Mrs.W  FL

March 24

Everyone here in Uganda are giving testimonies, new users and old users of the St. Raphael oil. There was a woman who had been very sick for 6 years and had gone to many witch doctors but had failed to get healed. When I anointed her there and then in an overnight prayer she was healed by God and his angel Raphael. Also I anointed a woman who could not speak for three months, two days after her mouth started to speak and everyone was astonished!  My very own 84 year old mother who was bent over with back pain using a walking stick to barely get around. After anointing her with the St. Raphael oil she threw away the stick started walking and went to the kitchen to cook for me! There are so many more testimonies I will share with you. Amen. 

+Bishop Musonge Uganda Africa (Monastic Diocese of St. Benedict Orthodox Church)

February 24

I am a Vietnam Vet. Having been exposed to Agent Orange, I am dealing with many health problems. Because of these problems I was at risk for oral surgery. My dentist told me that the surgery was necessary  before dental plates could be made for me. I started applying the St. Raphael Healing oil to my gums and praying for help. My gums shrank and formed in a manner that surgery was no longer necessary! I am so grateful to God!  Richard MA

January 24

Good evening, I have been using St Raphael healing oil because I have metastasized breast cancer. Diagnosed de novo, which means stage 4 at diagnosis, 1/20. I received my first bottle from a nurse at Dana Farber Cancer Center and have been using every night. I can happily say my recent scans all came back with excellent results! Thank you for all you do!
Joanne D. RI

January 24

In thanksgiving to God and St. Raphael my lip cancer is healed and my son has been protected. Praise God.
God bless you for your ministry.
Janet D. UK

January 24

My husband was receiving chemo for gastric lymphoma. A friend brought her healing oil and prayers to us to use. We’ve been using the oil and praying the prayers. The surgeon did another scope last week and said the tumor was gone! Praise the Lord and St. Raphael!  Thank you for providing this precious oil and for the faith you are bringing to so many people.  Carmen  IA

December 23

Thank you so much for your St. Raphael oil ministry. My family has benefited in so many ways through it’s use. I visited my Aunt Dorothy a couple days prior to some scheduled surgery at Mass General Hospital and gave her a bottle of the St. Raphael oil. She used the oil and prayed the prayers and continued up through her limo ride to the hospital in Boston. Needless to say, once in surgery, the doctors said there was no reason for surgery and sent her home!  We all believe in the power of prayer and God’s healing power through the Archangel Raphael and his healing oil. Thank you so much!  Catherine  MA

November 23

I suffered some serious medical problems for the last couple of years and another sister of mine introduced me to your oil.  I believe that St. Raphael was instrumental in helping me heal as well as helping my surgeon to be accurate and enduring during the 2 very long surgeries I had.  I prayed to St. Raphael and I felt he was with me, interceding for my recovery at all times.  I have recovered from my illness and continue to improve in health day to day. Thanks be to God! I am grateful that I discovered your Ministry and I pray for all who are involved in producing the oil sacramental for so many of us throughout the world.

Thank you and God Bless you! Ann/ CO

October 23

Dear St. Raphael team, 
About 15 people got healed from skin rash as they applied it. 11 testified of cough healed 
7 women had menstrual painful periods but as the applied it on the abdomen they were relieved.
We are grateful to Almighty God and His mercy. Amen.
+Bishop John Musonge from Uganda
Monastic Diocese of St Benedict.

October 23

I have been diagnosed with colon and liver cancer, almost a year ago.  Prayers have been said… I have anointed my body with this oil every morning!!  My last CAT scan revealed that the cancer was GONE!!!  It Truly is a Miracle. God is GREAT!!! Karol  VA

October 23

Peace to all at ASRHHM,
May I add to my personal testimony for this year 2023 —
I developed an arthritic finger during the pandemic, for approximately 9 months.  Soon as I received the healing oil, I placed some oil on my finger.  I noticed my finger was no longer painful when I moved it after two hours.  But I did not believe my eyes though.  The next morning, my daughter noticed my finger was no longer red and inflammed.  That’s when I believed the oil made a difference!
On another occasion, recently, I accidentally poured boiled water and scalded my left hand.  I panicked, looking for any raw honey around and couldn’t find any. I then put an ice block on my hand but found it becoming more red and raw underneath the skin.  Then I remembered the St Raphael oil!  I whispered a prayer to St Raphael and quickly put some oil on the burning skin. After just one day, my hand does not even look like it got burnt except for a thin line on the skin, marked by the ice block – already dried and healed!
Yours in Christ,
United in prayer at this tumultous time,
A. Philippines
October 23
Joyfully forwarding the testimony of  Nelson Sibayan, 41 year old from the Philippines:
“I began using St. Raphael’s healing oil in January 2023. I’ve been using St. Raphael’s healing oil for a while now, and I’m extremely pleased with the results! My brain tumor has been expanding for some time, but ever since I started using the oil, it has started to reduce. I am so grateful for the healing qualities of this miraculous oil. I advise anyone who is dealing with a health problem, to try this miraculous oil no matter how big or small the illness is. I am sincerely grateful to this great healing oil for helping me easily reduce the size of my tumor. And I am anticipating my further recuperation.”  Previous tumor size in December was 48 x 40 x 45 mm now after last scan it is  23 x 23 x 16 mm)!
Hallelujah, the tumor reduced by half an inch in nine months!  Nelson and his wife often pray and attend mass now, in thanksgiving and repentance.
Pax Christi to all,
A. Philippines

September 23

Just two weeks after having received the St. Raphael oil a tragedy occurred with a niece who was barely 7 years old, this in Madrid, Spain.  While the mother was getting ready to go out, the child out of sight of the parents tried to pass underneath a closing electric gate.  The gate locked on her head, crushing it.  The trachea and jaw were fractured. She died at the site of the accident, but God permitted a Health Professional “by  chance” to be passing by in front of the house and she managed to bring back the child before the  ambulance arrived. My Sister, the child’s grandmother, barely got her passport and the permits needed, traveled to Spain, taking with her the St. Raphael’s Oil, with which the little girl was anointed in prayer daily, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This happened the first half of July, 2023.  The girl was in the Intensive Therapy Unit, with a guarded prognosis.  As the days passed, the doctors had begun  to try and convince the parents to disconnect her from the devices  that were keeping her alive, since the computerized tomography of the head showed no brain activity. Without weakening we continued praying the Holy Rosary, the St. Raphael oil, Masses. The first miracle manifested itself in that the planned surgeries on the trachea and jaw were suspended because that part of the body had healed.  Her ability to speak and her motor functions were limited, but little by little she is recovering. At the end of August she was released and continues her treatment as an outpatient.   

Lidia M. Paraguay South America

August 23

Healing power of the oil:  My nephew hurt his back a few years ago.  The doctors thought David would end up paralyzed and would never have any children.  I sent a bottle of  St. Raphael oil that I had previously received.  His wife, Kelsey, applied the oil to his back while saying the prayer(s).  I am very happy to report that  David has full mobility and was blessed with a baby girl earlier this year.  Thanks be to God and St. Raphael.  Amen  God bless, Take care and thank you, Patricia TX

August 23

I have use the St. Raphael oil for years and had many miracles. Recently I ordered the oil and after receiving it I gave some to my three grown children. I use it 3 times a day. Right after receiving it I got the knowing to pray for my children and their children for protection. I took this as a directive from St. Raphael. So that’s what I did. Shortly thereafter my son and his wife and their two children (3 year old girl and 5 year old boy) were going on a family outing one weekend. My son was driving and he came to an intersection and he stopped and then proceeded slowly. Witnesses say there came a speeding car driven erratically by an 18 yr old man. He crashed into my son’s SUV on the driver’s side. My son said he screamed so loud in anguish after it happened as he was afraid to look in the back seat at the children as he thought they had died. The car was crumpled like an accordion. When he turned around the children were completely fine. Everyone miraculously survived with no injuries and they had to climb out through a window to escape! I know they survived through the intercession of St. Raphael and I thank God for His infinite mercy. Theresa   PA

August 23

In March 2023 I was rushing down the stairs to put out the trash since the trash truck arrived earlier than usual. I slipped down the stairs while continuing to hold tight to the railing and tore my rotator cuff. I was in agony and could only move my arm across my right side as far as my navel. I was unable to sleep in bed and had to sleep in my recliner.  I went to urgent care and was informed of the diagnosis. Ironically, at church I received 3 bottles of St. Raphael oil with a prayer card from my friend Paddy O’ Sullivan. I began rubbing the oil on my injury and saying the prayers daily. Six weeks later I was able to move my arm as normal, sleep in my bed on my left and right side and lift items without pain. The St. Raphael oil and prayers healed my injury completely! I have spoken to many at church about my healing and have heard their testimonials of family cures of cancer when the oil is ingested, baffling their doctors. I told friends about it received bottles to give them for their joint pain. Praise be to God for ASRHHM!
Valarie C.   Boston

August 23

I had a severe case of eczema for several years. Nothing seemed to help. Then a friend gave me a bottle of the St. Raphael oil and prayer card. I started blessing myself with it and saying the prayers and the eczema disappeared and never came back! Praise God! Everyone should have a bottle of this oil in their home!  Marlene OR

July 23

My good friend Jean was healed of a thyroid tumor after using the St. Raphael oil and saying the prayers. The day of the surgery, the doctors could not find the tumor! It had completely disappeared! Another friend, Sarah, by all medical logic should be blind. But, she is still able to see and the hemorrhaging in her eyes has stopped. She also uses the St. Raphael oil every day. All glory goes to God! Amen!  Edith NE

June 23
Greetings from Malawi. Regarding the St. Raphael oil:
As an update; one of our sisters healed from a chronicle heart disease, a lot of people found favor of being promoted at work, getting employed, reuniting of families and many more- glory be to God. People are strengthened in faith. So, we are requesting another supply if possible. Let us pray for each other. Sr. Felicia Ndawala

June 23

I am a Pharmacist working at a rural health facility in Malawi Africa where essential medicines are always in short supply. I came to learn about the blessed St. Raphael oil through a Catholic nun and tried it on several patients with various ailments including diabetes, arthritis and mental disorders and I can confirm their miraculous healing with the help of the Oil in all instances. The blessed oil will therefore go a long way in providing an intervention into disease states given diverse ailments and shortage of conventional medicines at the health facility. May God bless your Ministry abundantly so that you may continuously reach out to many people in need. Yosef Malunga

I’d like to share my story with others about My illness and my miraculous recovery.

April 5, 2023,  I went to a local Emergency Room and subsequently admitted; diagnosed with Stage 3 Hypertension and Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion, probable dissection of the right ICA.   There was minimal, to no blood flow within my Right Carotid Artery. Essentially, my Carotid Artery is nearly blocked or is blocked and the Carotid Artery was tearing apart as well.  An Ultrasound was scheduled to be performed on May 17, 2023 to determine the severity of my illness.  But the ER nurse repeated her concerns of the seriousness of my overall condition.  
Prior to May 17, 2023,  I met up with a dear friend who provided me with guidance and encouragement.   Amongst many things, she suggested the following: Fully accepting and listening to the Surrender Novena, praying to and using the Archangel St Raphael Holy Healing Oil, and attending the monthly prayer/ healing service at St Gabriel the Archangel Parish in Upton, Massachusetts, on May 11, 2023. Fr Larry Brault led the service; along with Maureen Capistran, author of Heaven’s Helper My Little Star, who  administers help to those present by addressing their concerns and if God willing, heal them from there illnesses.    
It’s my belief that God chooses to use certain methods, such as Archangel St Raphael Holy Oil and Maureen, to help heal those that ask for HIS help. Years ago, It became known to me that Maureen possessed the grace to hear and see Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. Amongst some of her gifts that God gave Maureen, was the gift of knowledge;  When she prays over a person, Maureen will only relay to us, the exact message given to her from Jesus, Mother Mary; or in my case, Archangel Michael.    
At one point during the healing service, I approached Maureen and I briefly explained to her my condition and was searching for help. Maureen prayed over me and her response was quick and simply stated, “you will be ok”  … I felt a warming and tingling sensation throughout my body at this moment. I knew there was a spiritual connection present. We continued to hold hands and before I walked away from Maureen, she said, “ You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.”
My daily prayers, Surrender Novena and administration of St Raphael Holy Healing Oil continued thru the following days.  
Six days later, on May 17, 2023, my scheduled ultrasound appointment was performed.  During the appointment, the technician began her examination on the right side of my neck. She was very quiet and after a few minutes she asked, “It’s the right carotid artery that has drawn concern, right?”   I replied that she was correct.  Her response was, “…Because I’m not seeing anything abnormal.”  She completed her examination on the left carotid artery and repeated the procedure to the right carotid artery again.    
The technician asked for me to review the imaging with her.  As the technician moved to different points on the images, she saw no abnormalities and nearly 100% blood flowing thru the right artery and perhaps a speck of plaque that wouldn’t cause the least of concern. The technician said that the Vascular Surgeon would be reviewing this imaging and would consult with me the following week.
On May 23, 2023, I met with the Vascular Surgeon and she said my Right Carotid artery was perfectly normal and seemed to have healed on its own.  Aside from the baby aspirin I was prescribed, there was no other medical explanation as to how my carotid artery healed completely.There’s no follow ups or cause for concern. 
My headaches are nonexistent, my blood pressure is back to normal and my Carotid Arteries are functioning properly.I know that in my heart, God directed me to attend the prayer / healing service, pray to St Raphael The Archangel for intercessions, using the Holy Healing Oil as a vessel
to heal; as well as my life to intersect with Maureen on that night; God used all these instruments to miraculously heal me from this potential life-threatening disease.   Russel Poissant

After reviewing CT and MRI scans on April 5, 2023,  the above indicates my diagnosis and condition at that time.

The above image reflects the condition and findings presented in the Ultrasound on May 17, 2023
May 23
A friend gave me the St. Raphael oil last June. At the time my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child for a year with no success. We were afraid that our dreams of having a family would never happen. I began using the oil daily and praying the prayers. One month after using the oil faithfully our dreams came true! I learned that we were pregnant! I continued to use the oil throughout my pregnancy on a daily basis. My pregnancy with our son was without complications and I was able to work up until my due date. We now have a beautiful, healthy and happy baby boy. We could not imagine life without him. There is no doubt in my mind that the Archangel Raphael heard our prayers and interceded through the oil and prayers and helped our dream of having a child come true. I urge anyone who is struggling, no matter what the issue, to use this blessed oil and have faith in it’s healing power through God’s infinite mercy!  Margaret  MD

April 23

Thank you once again I received St RAPHAEL Healing oils which came at the right time when I was about to take off to a remote mission of Kandi diocese in Benin Republic. I took the oil and (once again) recorded tremendous healing there.
Rev. Joachim Chukwudi Uwagbaokwu, CSM Africa

April 23

My husband was receiving chemo for gastric lymphoma. A friend brought her St. Raphael healing oil and prayers for us to use. We’ve been using the oil and praying the prayers. The surgeon did another scope last week and said the tumor was gone!!! Praise the Lord for the healing through the St. Raphael oil! Carol NV

March 23

I was healed from my injuries due to a car accident. I literally couldn’t walk for a week after the Incident since my left leg was badly injured. One of my Church mates which happened to have this St. Raphael Oil, introduced me to this oil. She said that this Blessed Oil is powerful, that she even put this oil on her head every night before going to bed. She gave me this oil, In which I personally used. She taught me the prayers that I prayed once I used this oil. And when I started using it, I felt a great relief after applying this oil to my left leg, my chest and my head with the intercession of St. Raphael, I was healed and now, I’m back at serving the Community, and still driving vehicles for our priests today! Thank you and God bless all of you! Alfred A.   Philippines

March 23
I have been having stomach/digestive issues and when it starts at night, I am up and in pain for two or more hours.  The pain gets really bad. This time I blessed the spot where I had the terrible pain and claimed the healing, it actually vanished immediately.  I am claiming healing for other health issues and I know I will be sending more testimonies soon.  I am also spreading the devotion and am so grateful my sister told me about St Raphael and his healing oil.
I work as director of religious education at my Catholic church and I know that my devotion and healing will help spread the word. I thank and praise HIM for using me for HIS glory. 
God Bless & thank you for all you do!  Karen  TX
March 23
Last September my wife was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor on the brain stem. The tumor continued to grow and caused paralysis of her right side, double vision, and loss of some cognitive ability. She was confined to a wheelchair and was unable to hold a conversation with anyone. She knew what she wanted to say, but had difficulties getting the words out. In conjunction with the traditional treatments and care of doctors, we faithfully prayed to St. Raphael for his intercession while applying the St. Raphael oil. I am excited to say to the amazement of the doctors; the tumor is gone! What remains is scar tissue where there once was a tumor. My wife still needs physical and occupational therapies but we’re all confident she will make a complete recovery.
We will continue to pray and apply the healing oil faithfully. Praise God for his Divine Mercy and God bless this ministry for all your work and faith in God and his Holy Catholic Church.
Tom C.   CT
February 23
The following is one story I really want to share with you. My grandson Emmanuel was diagnosed with leukaemia which advanced very rapidly. He was having badly bleeding from his nose. The St. Raphael oil I requested arrived two days before this so when I heard about him, I rushed over with one bottle to give to his mum. At the same time I got to their house they told me that a vehicle was rushing over to take him to the hospital. I managed however to give the bottle to his mother Alice and asked her to rub the oil on his whole body. Just at that moment, the vehicle they were waiting for arrived and took him away to the hospital. In the evening, a relative who’d traveled with them to the hospital told me his bleeding nose stopped immediately after his mother had rubbed the oil on his body. She said the doctors were quite astounded when they saw this. Every moment after that, grandson Emmanuel only requested that the oil be applied to his body as that had helped him greatly. As a result he soon recovered from the symptoms and signs. Three weeks after that, the doctors said all the signs of the illness had gone and he is now back working in his old job. Two weeks ago, he bought a bag of rice and gifted it to my family and when I said he didn’t need to do that, he said it was nothing but just a show of love and respect for us. I want to thank God through you all for the great work you are all doing to help poor people like us especially in helping people like my grandson Emmanuel. Thank you Fr. Whalen in heaven for the love of God that’s coming through the St Raphael Oil!
Kindest regards,  Julian Maka’a Solomon Islands
February 23
My brother suffered a cardiac arrest in September 2019. His heart was out for 45 minutes. It happened on a Thursday evening. We were told there was little or no chance of him surviving. On Saturday night a client gave me Archangel Raphael oil and prayer. It was too late to go back in because he was in ICU with other very sick patients. On Sunday morning I went in very early and prayed to Archangel Raphael and put oil on my brother. We went back in that evening and the doctor told me that a miracle had happened (he did not know about Archangel Raphael’s oil). My brother came off life support the following morning. I pray to Archangel Raphael every day and thank him. Marie K.   Ireland
February 23
I received a bottle of the St. Raphael’s healing oil and prayer card from a friend and I cannot believe the relief I get when I use it and say the prayers. I have advance osteoarthritis and am living almost pain free!  
Maria  Ireland
January 23
I wanted to tell you after four years I have been healed of recurring urinary tract infections. In those 4 years I had over 22 infections and 22 antibiotics that have caused great damage to my gut. A friend told me about St. Raphael holy oil and I sent for some and used it. Remarkably, I have had no infections for a few months now. Respectfully and gratefully,
Liz B. MA
January 23
Many people in Goa, INDIA have been healed spiritually, physically and emotionally with the use of the St. Raphael oil. Some have overcome depression, frustration, aches, pains and even cancer. We distribute your oil to all the poor and sick. God bless your ministry.  Lukose
December 22
I wanted to pass this on to you. A friend of mine who survived a rare cancer
(stage 4) in her eye was healed through the intercession of St. Raphael. The cancer is gone and she is doing very well. 
Michelle OH
November 22
I saw a Cardiologist for an irregular heartbeat and have been using the St. Raphael oil since then. My heart has returned to a normal rhythm with no episodes of irregularity and my blood pressure is normal. I am so thankful for the help of St. Raphael! Also, I have shared the St. Raphael oil with my friend who suffers from sciatica and her symptoms have also resolved! Praise God! Nancy IL
October 22
Through my Ministry with the St. Raphael oil I would like to declare the following healing in the Holy Name of Jesus. While stationed at Shaw Air Force base in South Carolina, I blessed a woman with the oil who had a cancerous lesion on her arm. She had a complete miraculous healing!  Msgr. Karl Chimiak SC
October 22
About two months ago, I still had some St. Raphael oil, I said the prayer, and prayed for my aunts legs that would swell up, she would have to wear special socks. The swelling stopped, and she no longer has to wear the special socks.
Thank you Emma Texas
October 22
My mother and I both thank you for your kindness and assistance. We are most grateful to the Archangel Raphael for the great kindness he has shown my mother, in curing her severe knee situation and thereby sparing her a very painful surgery and very long projected recovery period. She is 75 years old and diabetic. Her surgeon was astonished by the healing from God through the intercession of the St. Raphael oil. He asked for all the information about it and the address so he, too, could receive it. He had a lot of respect for what his fellow healer, Raphael, could do without the need for surgery. JW Texas
September 22
Praised be Jesus and Mary!
I would like to share a short testimony. A few months ago I ordered St. Raphael oil. I used it for a month on my face where I had problems with acne and redness for years. I prayed to Saint Raphael and after a month my skin started to heal. Now my face is completely healthy. Thank you Saint Raphael and thank you good people who take care of the sick. Thank you!
God bless you! Connected in prayer with you.
Ana/ Bosnia and Hercegovina
September 22
I wish to inform you that my friend managed to recover from a stroke after using the St. Raphael oil, he can now walk praise God!
My daughter had a lump in her breast and used the oil, now the lump is gone. Another daughter of mine had a corn under her foot which was refusing to heal despite the fact that she applied different medicines that did not help. She used the St. Raphael oil and it disappeared! She now walks properly! We give praise and glory to God! I believe that surely St. Raphael is God’s healing Angel.  God bless   Mary from Uganda Africa
August 22
I have used the St. Raphael oil on myself and had a successful major surgery, avoiding a hysterectomy and then had an uncomplicated and fast recovery. I would like to have more oil to share with others. I must say that the prayers and this oil have restored my faith! I want to share your ministry with others.
Dannie Canada
July 22
September 2, 2021 my husband and I got got sick. His oxygen level dropped significantly and we went to Urgent Care  and he was admitted to our small local hospital with Covid Pneumonia. I called Sister Mary Eucharista to tell her and she reminded me to pray to Saint Raphael. Chris and I are Iconographer‘s and he had the opportunity to write St Raphael‘s Icon (left).
I had received a letter from St Raphael Oil and immediately called the number in the letter. I explained my husbands diagnosis to Mary Ann. She took it to Father Joseph Whalen’s grave site immediately and placed it in his box for Intercessory prayers.
One week later my husband was released from the hospital. His doctor and the nursing staff were quite amazed at his quick recovery since he was 92.
I stayed in close touch with Mary Ann and kept applying the St Raphael oil almost every day to both of us. Chris had a routine heart doctor appointment and we went with the oxygen tank. His heart doctor made a comment that he shouldn’t have survived the Covid pneumonia. He told us to be off the oxygen in four weeks.
Our Catholic friend was a retired home healthcare nurse who had herself suffered from severe Covid and had a pulmonary doctor. So she helped us to get Chris off oxygen in four weeks. 
This was Father Whalen’s intercession and many prayers to St Raphael.
Our doctor calls Chris,  the Miracle  Man. He looks younger and healthier with every visit and every passing day. We are very grateful for the Saint Raphael oil and Mary Ann’s immediate help and all the prayers that have contributed to his complete healing. Thank you, Father Whalen,  with all my heart and St Raphael and St Raphael Oil plus our great supply.
I am now facing a very serious retinal issue. My eye doctor diagnosed me with rapid vision loss. He immediately did cataract surgery so he could see better what was going on with my retina. I had major retinal surgery May 24 and have been using St Raphael Oil almost every day making a cross on my forehead and on each eye. I have my eight week appointment on July 14 and this is also Fr Whalen’s birthday.
Carolynn M. Montana
July 22
Not too long ago I asked Maureen Capistran (author of “Heaven’s Helper My Little Star”) to pray for my friend Philip who has been battling cancer on the top of his head for 5 years. He literally has a hole the size of a half dollar on the top of his head all the way to the bone. They have done surgery, radiation, skin grafts and then sent a nurse in to dress it every week for several years because the wound would not close up. He was told in February this year by his Dermatologist to go back to the plastic surgeon as the cancer all of a sudden had reappeared and was becoming aggressive and spreading fast. That is when he called me and I told him to start using the St. Raphael oil. I went with him to the Plastic Surgeon. I told him I wanted to take a picture of his head because I needed before and after photos of his healing! The doctor told him he needed surgery, this time they would have to remove the top half of his skull and replace it with titanium. It would be at least an 8 hour surgery or more. He would have to then move into a care facility, give up his apartment and driving and possibly live with delirium the rest of his life. The plastic surgeon told him to think about the surgery and call him back. When we got in the car I told him we were going to beg Jesus for a healing then I took him directly to Msgr. Lavalley who prayed over him and gave him the anointing of the sick. I told Philip no way to get the surgery but to now put it in God’s hands.) He agreed, and continued using the St. Raphael oil. I then asked Maureen to pray to St. Michael for a healing. St. Michael told her: “St. Raphael has already taken the request to Our Father.”!!!!!!!!!
Within the week of the plastic surgeon’s appointment, the nurse came in to dress the wound and was shocked at the change in the appearance and told him to go back to the doctor. He went to his Dermatologist and she said “You have no cancer!” She then called down the Dermatological Surgeon and she said, “You have no cancer!” (he was tested too)
He then went back to the Plastic Surgeon and he said, “You have no cancer!” All doctors were in awe. He has gotten his healing! Praise God! The pictures below are of Philip’s head when we went tothe Plastic Surgeon on March 25th of this year. The following photo was taken by his nurse within a week of the first picture!   Mary Ann
July 22
Greetings from the Solomon Islands. I am a Catholic working as Communications officer for a major Hydro project. One of my colleagues in this office, kindly gave me a few bottles of the St. Raphael oil which I gave to a few friends who were sick and received very positive feedback from them. One had severe kidney problems and after having applied the healing oil, is now completely healed! I have also had a healing of my aching left knee with it and so did two other people I’d given them the oil. God bless you all!  Tina Honiara Solomon Islands
June 22
The St. Raphael oil is a true miracle oil. I have migraines and just a dab of this oil takes them immediately away. God bless you Angela NM
May 22
I write to you from Trinidad, some years ago I recommended your healing ministry to a family who were visiting the US at the time and whose child had been diagnosed with a cancer brain tumour that required surgery. You sent them the St. Raphael oil and his grandmother told me yesterday that he is now free of cancer for the last 6 years and that his face which had been disfigured by the tumour is now back to normal! Glory to GOD! G. Trinidad
May 22
I would like to attest to the healing power of the oil through faith in God and the intercession of His healing Archangel Raphael. 31/2 years ago, my daughter at age 43 had a massive stroke. It paralyzed her entire left side. The 24-48 hour critical period of life or death was devastating. On the third day she had her back to me when I started rubbing the oil on the top of her left arm. She said, “I felt that!” As I continued down her arm, I’d say, how about here and her response was always “yes”— all the way down her arm to the tip of her fingers! Next, she was walking (with help for a day). She was in the hospital for 1 week and back to work as a teacher 3 weeks later. She has had no residual effects. Thank you Jesus, thank you St. Raphael and thank you St. Raphael Ministry for all your hard work!  God bless, Colleen  MI
April 22
I received a miracle a while back. I had a lump on my hand, a ganglion cyst that was getting worse and my doctor scheduled me for surgery to have it removed. I was able to obtain the St. Raphael oil. When I got it I used it on the lump and said the prayers and it disappeared. I returned to the doctor, and told her I would not be needing surgery, showed her my hand and how I had used the St. Raphael oil. The doctor was so surprised and took my hand and kissed it! Thank you Jesus, thank you St. Raphael. God bless you all! Kristine P. PA
April 22
I ran into an old friend named Mike at the Pharmacy right before Christmas. He was very distraught and anxious as he had just been diagnosed with brain cancer. I asked him if he would like to meet me after the morning Mass and we would pray together. He met me and we went before Jesus in the Tabernacle. I made the sign of the cross with the St. Raphael oil on his forehead and we prayed together for a healing. We both felt heat on his forehead. I told him to get checked again to see if he was still afflicted with the cancer. This was December and I did not see him until this year the end of March. He told me he had had a complete healing! No cancer anywhere in his body! Thank you St. Raphael for interceding to Jesus and thank you Fr. Joe Whalen in Heaven! Thank all of you at the St. Raphael ministry who make it possible for all the souls you reach and are healed all around the world.
P.S. Also another friend had knee surgery and his wife told me the doctor said the recovery would be long and painful. I used the oil on my leg and prayed by proxy for him the day after the surgery. He told me he had no pain but felt something wet on his knee, and thought the incision had broken and was bleeding. He pulled his pajama leg up and lifted the bandage and to his surprise there was oil on his knee!  Pat  Boston, MA
March 22
I had dermatitis all over my body and tried everything to no avail. Upon receiving the St. Raphael oil, blessing myself and saying the prayers I am totally healed! I would like to thank you and your staff for sending this oil and materials this far. I would mostly like to thank God for healing me through the intercession of the Archangel Raphael and also thank him for making all of you instruments to help others. God bless you all, Estrella JAPAN
February 22
Looking forward to receiving the oil. Archangel Raphael has a special place in my heart because he and St. Tobias appeared to me on my way home from my third retreat in 2019, and the angel directed me to the correct railway platform to catch the train. The Archangel Raphael was not visible to my older brother, who was with me and had participated in two retreats in 2019. We would have missed the train and been stuck if the angel had not intervened, as it was the last train of the day and there was an issue on the tracks after that. (Archangel Raphael patron of those who travel by land or sea or air.)
Premila  INDIA
February 22
I had met Fr. Whalen at the annual Catholic conference in Colorado Springs in 2006 and was blessed to have a seat next to him. At one point during the events I noticed he was thirsty so I left and got him a glass of water. I found him to be a wonderful priest and he gave me several bottles of the St. Raphael oil. Through the years I have given a few of these bottles out to the sick. The following two healings occurred after his death in 2016. One man in Florida had been hospitalized with terminal cancer that had metastasized throughout his body. We got the St. Raphael oil to him. I prayed to Fr. Joe Whalen and asked him to intercede for this man, and reminded him that I had gotten him the water when he was thirsty! Fr. Joe heard my prayer, within 3 months this man walked out of the hospital cancer free! Another time I gave a bottle of oil to a man at our church who had severe heart disease and was at death’s door. Once again I prayed for Fr. Whalen’s intercession and reminded him that I had gotten him the glass of water when he was thirsty! The man used the oil but later died but miraculously came back to life! He testified that when he died he saw Sts. Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. He was then told it was not his time and was sent back! I am very grateful for Fr. Joe’s intercession and the St. Raphael oil. I know Fr. Joe will always have “plenty of water for me”! Richard Texas
January 22
Five years ago I was diagnosed with Spindale Cell Malignant Melanoma in the 4th stage. The doctor told me it was incurable. I have used the St. Raphael healing oil for the last five years and i am cancer free! The Lord has blessed me with his love and granted me this healing miracle! Praise God Almighty and blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
December 21
“Hello LauraLeigh!, I thank you so much for the St Raphael Holy oil! It arrived the day my friends husband got put in the Covid ward!! I sent the oil and the Our Lady of Garabandal rosary to the hospital for him! God bless you!! He’s doing better and off the 90% oxygen he was on!!. God bless you for everything you do Lauraleigh!” / Dec 6th 2021
God Bless everyone who makes and prays over this holy oil, I sent the oil to The Lady above and she sent it to a Covid Patient who was on 90% Oxygen.
As soon as He Received the oil, his Oxygen levels were restored and he was taken off all Oxygen and He is much better. God Bless you all for what you’re doing. Sincerely Lauraleigh

December 2021
A miracle with the Raphael oil has happened recently. I gave it to a family whose daughter was hospitalized. She was unable to breath and they put her on high flow oxygen. Her parents where told they could do nothing more for her. It seemed as she was meant to die. I knew the family and contacted them, gave them the holy oil and told them what to do. This was 2 weeks ago. The young girl got out of hospital yesterday.( Friday 2nd Dec) She is now home & breathing normally!
They know it is a miracle and have confessed it to be so.
St. Raphael oil “Gods Medicine”healed her through God!!!
For the Glory of God & Holy Raphael.
Kindest regards,
Eileen McCoy Ireland
November 2021
Our cat was attacked by something and had his leg broken off inside the skin, he was in much pain. I applied this St. Raphael oil on his forehead and prayed. Next day I felt the hanging leg piece had joined to the main part and in a day or two he walked well, keeping his paws on the ground. I could not believe my eyes! He was walking well. Praise God!  Mrs. Herat
November 2021
Just last night, my daughter was boiling water on the kerosene stove ( we normally use gas but now there’s a severe shortage of gas in Sri Lanka  and we got a kerosene stove ) and she tried to take the boiling water and it slipped and all the water came on her. Both legs from the thighs downwards were burnt with boiling water. It hurt her a lot. I put ice and applied this Most powerful St Raphael ‘s Holy oil.   Not even a blister, the pain went off and the skin is as it was.  Skin didn’t discolour or peel off. Nothing at all. As if  nothing happened. So powerful oil.  Thank you so much. Marianne H.  Sri Lanka 
October 2021
I would like to receive the St. Raphael oil to bless all my family and loved ones. Thanks to your prayers and the blessed oil I have received many miracles. My father was cured of cancer, my husband recovered quickly from a delicate operation, my friend no longer has throat cancer and many other things happened after praying to God using the holy oil of St. Raphael. May God bless you all. Maria P. NY USA
September 2021
I have been passing out the St. Raphael Oil and prayer card for 8 years since I was fortunate enough to have St. Raphael heal my cancer. I have vowed to pass on this oil and prayers to others for saving my life. God bless you! Paula
August 2021
The St. Raphael healing oil has proven very efficacious to us that we always wish it in our house. The case of my daughter Harriet who was diagnosed with absence seizures is evident. Each time she have more persistent episodes of seizures, we place a drop of this healing oil on her tongue and the seizures will stop. God bless you and your good works.  Charles Opara Nigeria Africa
July 2021
Three days ago while preparing breakfast, I spilled boiling hot coffee on my right forearm. My arm began to swell and blister while turning a blood red! The pain was excruciating. I immediately applied my St. Raphael holy oil on the burn. The pain stopped IMMEDIATELY! Three days later my arm is perfectly healed with no signs of redness or blisters. I love St. Raphael and pray to him daily. He is a very loved member of our family.
Sheila L.  WV
June 2021
This letter is to share a testimony of a miracle healing done with the St. Raphael oil.
A friend received her 2nd heart transplant in 10 years. Three months after receiving this recent heart transplant and on anti rejection medication, she got Covid. She was steps from death. The Lord prompted me to anoint her while she was at the hospital. Within one week of the the anointing she was down from 45 liters of oxygen to 4 liters! She’s home now and on the mend! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!  Thank you for this ministry!
“A follower of Christ”
May 2021
I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts over all these years! My own husband had stage 4 colon, liver and lung cancer in 2001, and is completely well- no doctor can explain it, but we know that it was through Saint Raphael’s intercession! We met Father Whalen in 2002 at his healing service at Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Manorville, Long Island, New York. Father had my husband give his testimony after the Healing Mass. We were both so blessed to have met him! Thank you all again-
May God bless all of you who do His work!  Patricia S. NC
May 2021
I am very fortunate to have received this miracle St. Raphael oil from a friend when I was diagnosed with an aneurysm. I started using the oil and the prayers . The neurosurgeon was all set to do the surgery, decided to do an angiogram and he couldn’t find the aneurysm.
He called it remarkable. I called it a miracle.Thank you so much, and God bless you for all you do. M. R. Massachussetts  USA
April 2021
Hi St. Raphael Ministry,
I’ve been using the St. Raphael oil for 15 years every day. Many years ago, some if it spilled on a brown paper bag and the following image appeared.
My sister sent this to me. I believe either she spilled it or my father did.
Thank You Fr. Joe Whalen! Jim R.
April 2021
Glory Story!!!!!
My brother-in-law, Matthew has Cancer in the lymph nodes, stomach & neck! The Dr. told my sister that there is no cure…
He has been using the “St. Raphael healing oil” I gave him.
Today – Dr. called!
Praise God!!!!!
Deborah B. N.J.
March 2021
I immediately receive alleviation from the arthritis pain in my knee when I apply the St. Raphael oil. I apply the oil in the morning which is when I feel pain the most. I told my sisters, who are elderly and have ailments, about the oil and so I’m requesting that you please sent them each a bottle of the St. Raphael oil. Alberto NY
March 2021
Dear St. Raphael Ministry,
A few months ago I sent for the healing oil and in Jesus’ mercy I received a miracle. I could not genuflect on my right knee because of pain in my left hip. I had to hang onto the pew and only go down half way using my left leg all the while in pain. After using the St. Raphael oil I am now able to genuflect on my right knee and go down to the floor without hanging onto the pew. I can do this through the 14 Stations of the Cross! Praise God!
February 2021
Just wanted to share this wonderful testimonial. I know a woman in England (a good friend’s cousin) who was given the St. Raphael oil and was healed of horrible warts that completely covered the bottom of her feet. (The warts were approximately 1/4 inch thick.) The warts were so bad she could not walk. She sought medical help to no avail and suffered for 30-35 years. She said after her Mum received the oil she put it on the bottom of her feet. That night before going to bed she felt like there were pieces of stones in her socks. So she took her socks off and it was the warts falling off! NOTHING else worked. Praise God! Deb from NJ (pictures below)
before and after:
Editor’s note:
Years ago we met a wonderful woman from Long Island, Mary Terry. She had a similar story. Both of her hands were covered with warts and after seeking medical help and trying many other medicines and remedies she was given the St. Raphael oil. After using the oil the warts dried up and fell off and her hands became clear! Praise God!
January 2021
My dear best friend used the oil everyday and the blessed mother God and Raphael healed him of Cancer recently diagnosed cancer free of carcinoma.  Barry R. Kansas
January 2021
I wanted to follow up with more info on one of my healing testimonies. I live in Florida for some of the winter months. I have made some good friends in my development in Naples. My best friend Jimmy Z is a believer and has become one of my healing oil apostles. He introduces me to a lot of people that have faith and are in need of healing.I gave some St.Raphael oil to a woman named Barbara for her own ailments. She called me to request an additional bottle for her nephew who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At the end of the season I went up North for the summer, a few months later my wife said that there was a message on the answering machine from Barbara in Naples. Barbara left me a beautiful message telling me that her nephew used the oil and the cancer in his pancreas is completely gone!
She couldn’t thank me enough I sent her more bottles for other people in Naples that required healing. I just saw Barbara two days ago and asked her how her nephew was doing. She said the cancer in the pancreas is gone but tumors appeared in other parts of his body He was on a special diet and getting treatments. He is using the oil and the tumors are shrinking! She said that she doesn’t call it healing oil, She calls it the miracle oil!  Mike Florida
December 2020
Peace and compliments of the Advent season from the Palace of His Royal Highness Agunaeke Avutu, Obowo Local Government of Imo State.
I am thanking God immensely for healing me from a stroke which no one believed I would survive. I received this attack shortly after my coronation as the King of my community. Rev. Joachim Chukwudi Uwagbaokwu came for a home visitation and prayed for me. He anointed me with Archangel St.Raphael Holy Healing Oil and gave me a few bottles of the oil to be using. Within one week of him giving me this oil, I received a divine Healing from God also Dr. Agbai Ihieke who has been in a serious illness got his healing as well.
Thank you Jesus, St. Raphael for healing me through this instrument. I thank Father Joseph Whalen. May God continue to bless you every day. Also seek for your assistance to get more oil to be given to those who are sick in my Autonomous Community in large quantities in Avutu. You can send it to Rev. Joachim Chukwudi and it Will reach me as soon as possible.
Kindly permit me on behalf of the entire Agunaeke Avutu Autonomous Community to reiterate our gratitude and appreciation for the immense help we received from you. Continue to remember us in your daily prayers. With prayerful best wishes and utmost regards, I remain,
Yours in Sincerity,
Eze Sir Davis C.Onyeneho (KSJ).
November 2020

I had the honor to use the Blessed Archangel Raphael oil on my 4yr oil grandson you had a very bad tooth ache, I put a drop of oil on his decayed tooth and said the prayer within minutes his toothache was gone.Thank you so much AGAIN. 

I usually carry a bottle of oil and card wherever I go in case I meet or hear of someone sick,then and there I get to witness the Blessed Archangel Raphael oil. 
A single Mom used the oil on her 17 years old son who had a boil in his groin area. It was swollen and they live on an isolated island, a 15 mins boat ride away from my island.This catholic strong faith mum used the oil and prayed and her son’s boil went right down. Mum said it was Amazing!  Mary C. Fiji Islands
October 2020
Quite a while ago in an issue of “Medjugorje News Magazine New Zealand” I read a story about Fr. Joe Whalen in America. It was about his life and how he repented and turned to God and became a priest, also it gave some examples of healing. My husband, 47 at the time, suffered from severe arthritis and joint pains; at times he limped instead of walked. My husband wrote to Fr. Whalen and told him about his medical problems and asked for a St. Raphael oil and prayer card and for his prayers. In just a matter of days, a small parcel arrived from America with prayer cards, testimonies, a bottle of holy oil and some information about its history. We used the holy oil and said the prayers and Praise God, within minutes ( 2-3 ) my husband’s arthritis pains disappeared. They vanished and to this day he is pain free!!! He has been pain free coming up to two years now. Just recently I had damaged the tendons in my thumb. A doctor said there was no treatment for it. My husband said the appropriate prayers and used the holy oil and my thumb moved freely again. Praise God! We need God so much, I’m happy to have Him in my life. Keep up the good work, your stories are very inspiring and all touch our hearts! God Bless you and your family!” Linda from New Zealand
October 2020
A Blessed and Peace filled Friday Morning 2nd October 2020 from the FIJI ISLANDS. 
Much appreciated for receiving the Archangel Raphael blessed oil and prayer cards. All praise and Glory for witnessing the wonder and Healing of the Blessed oil by the People in the Villages of the Fiji Islands. My Island is at the very top/end of Fiji,  I’ve shared the Blessed oil to all and lots have come back to me to give testimony of this Archangel Raphael blessed oil.
I’ve used it on my husband who is a diabetic. Sometimes he gets chest pains. Using the Blessed oil and prayer given has worked wonders and the pain goes away.
An 8 yr. old boy was vomiting for a few days and hadn’t been eating. His grandmother happen to bring him to a village nearby and she went out to the beach to say her Rosary. Meanwhile their neighbour (was a woman that I given the blessed oil) heard that this small boy was vomiting so she used the oil on him and prayed the prayers. A few minutes later the boy’s grandmother came back to the house and told her the boy said
“I’m hungry”. The woman that used the Blessed oil on the boy told me what she witnessed. 
A Catechist with diabetes had a mild stroke on one off our mainland villages, His wife asked a woman I had given the oil to, to pray for her husband. I was told that the Catechist’s face was twisted after the stroke. The lady used the oil on him that very day. Before the week was over his face was back to normal! That very week I was on my way into the town on the bus to get some food supplies, when the bus was about to make the final stop I noticed the Catechist was talking to a taxi driver and I saw with my very own eyes that he was ok (his face was normal) and also I was told his sugar level was normal. I was amazed after just hearing the story of his troubles one week earlier and seeing him recovered one week later!
Praise the Lord and Archangel Raphael and his blessed oil. 
We All continue to be affected with this Covid-19 pandemic and the Blessed oil has been a great help to all of us.Much appreciated for all you and your team have been doing. God bless you more!   Mary    Fiji Islands
September 2020

I will always be grateful for St. Raphael, Father Joe and your ministry. In 2013 my daughter’s life, was spared through the intercession of St. Raphael and Father Joe. Father Joe sent me the most beautiful encouragement letter. I have been praying to St. Raphael ever since and using his oil and asking his intercession. Many have recovered and my daughter Grace is thriving!

God bless you all, Karen   LA
August 2020
I wanted to give my testimonial as the healing I have received from this St. Raphael oil is unbelievable.  I requested oil late last year.  Prior to ordering this oil, i was suffering severely in my joints in my hands/fingers/wrists and my feet/toes/ankles. It was so bad that I did not want to work or use my hands. It gradually got worse and to a point I couldn’t bear. At 38 years old this isn’t supposed to happen. I was to a point where I wanted to “cut off my hands and feet” just to stop the pain (not that I ever would do this literally but it describes my pain level). Within 2 days of using the oil and praying the prayers that came with it, I was healed!  I couldn’t “believe” it as it was like St Raphael came and personally watched over me. I felt truly blessed to have been healed and have been fine ever since.  I no longer have that level of pain. I am truly grateful and appreciative for the healing I have received. 
Thank you again for this wonderful oil and all you do!  God bless all of you and may He watch over you all for all the good work you do.  Sincerely,  Kristine
July 2020
I came across the Healing oil in 2015, I was attacked by severe pain for a period of three days, I had already given up thinking that it was time to go to the Lord but was not ready. On the 4th day I prayed hard,applied the oil and asked the Lord to heal me and show me a sign that he heard my prayer. Archangel St. Raphael appeared to me in a vision and warned me to be active in prayer and focus more on the Lord,  I was completely healed after seeing  St Raphael. I spread the word about the Ministry in our parish and requested for more bottles as parishioners were experiencing both physical and spiritual healing through the St. Raphael oil.The healing oil went a long way, family and friends greatly benefited from it. 
Georgina South Africa
June 2020

Dear St Raphael Ministry, 

I want my testimony to be recorded. 
After my last mail to you about my legs that were getting swollen and heavier. Prior to my writing to you, I went to a clinic, took drugs. I called a Doctor and he suggested so many things that could be the possible cause of the issue. 
But after I sent my prayer request to you with your response, I continue using the oil. But then, I was advised to go to the hospital for proper examination. I booked an appointment with the Hospital, but on the morning of the appointment day, the whole thing disappeared and my legs returned to normal. 
I went to hospital and was found healthy. 
Thanks to St Raphael for his intercession. 
Augustine-Mario C. C E.
May 2020
Many people are coming to the parish asking for St. Raphael Holy Healing Oil. Once again I thank you because many are getting healed through the intercession of St. Raphael by using the Healing Oil.   Rev. R.P.V.  Uganda Africa
May 2020
I’ve been healed of a rare, aggressive cancer diagnosed last year. Last January, my brother requested the oil and sent it to me.  We prayed as a family and I daily continued to use the St.. Raphael blessed oil and pray to St. Raphael and Maria Rosa Mystica. I thanked them for their intercession and prayers for my healing.  And I thank Father Whalen and his team for this offer of the blessed oil to us all!
GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!  Maria  Austin Texas
April 2020
This is truly a miracle oil. I had a traumatic C-Section delivering my twins. I was in ICU due to postpartum hemorrhage and doctors were not sure where the bleeding was coming from… I continued to lose blood even though they were injecting blood into me… we were all so worried including the doctors. I was so sick, that they separated the newborns from me and kept them in the nursery. Our only hope was the rosary and this St. Raphael oil… I was truly blessed to receive this oil through my sister. She prayed well and applied this oil on me and the next day I was out of danger and was able to go to a normal room to be with my newborn twin babies.
Thank you St.Raphael for all that you have granted us through Jesus Christ!!!
Divya  California
March 2020
There are so many people here experiencing healing… spiritually, physically, emotionally etc. So thank you very much for the holy service that the Archangel Raphael Ministry is providing us, especially the people in third world countries like us.    Peter L. Solomon Islands
February 2020
I order the St. Raphael oil regularly for my own health it really does work, thank God! Thank you for all you do, I don’t know what I would do without the St. Raphael oil. I was given 2 years to live, and I’m going on 8 years now! Whenever I have pain I use the St. Raphael oil and it immediately goes away. It is a life saver for me. Thank you and God Bless. Virginia D. New Mexico
January 2020
I want to tell you about my first time using the healing oil in my healing work. I was visiting a Benedictine sister in Grand Terrace CA, and when I arrived she was troubled by a deep hacking cough. She first brushed off my offer of help, but as the day passed, she was still coughing and spitting up mucous. I went to visit another friend, Ramona the next day, and she gave me some of your St. Raphael oil. I first used it on her, and she felt immediately relieved of her neck and back pain. I returned to Sister’s house, where I found her still coughing. I offered her the use of some oil, and she said she did not cough all night. However, she was still coughing that day, but less so. That evening, she agreed to let me work with her. I simply put some oil on my hands and asked that I be used as a healing conduit for the angels and Jesus. After about 20 minutes, I felt I was finished and just them she gave a small cry of “Oh!”. She felt much better, but very tired. That night she dreamed she coughed (not physically, just in the dream) and looked in her hand where she saw a piece of green metal. She said out loud in the dream, “My lungs are clear!”. She is no longer coughing. Praise Jesus!     Cindy  AZ
November 6 2019
Hi my name is Carla I have been reading on your website and came across the St. Raphael blessed oil. Could I have a bottle for my daughter please she just found out that she has got blood disease. Her immune system is attacking her red blood cells. She has been back and forth to the doctors for over 3 years with many medical examinations because every time she has a blood test the doctor finds something wrong with her immune system .
Thank you for your help. I have been praying to Jesus and He showed me your website. Glory be to God.
God bless your ministry. 
Carla UK
February 17 2020
Hi St. Raphael,
Just to let you know that  the doctors could not find anything on my daughter’s blood tests. It’s  everything  clear. Thank you St. Raphael for the miracle! Love and God bless you. Carla
December 2019
My mom and I have seen the blessings and healing powers of the St. Raphael oil. My mom had it and used it on my older brother who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer this past summer. He is now cancer-free!  Claudia FL
November 2019
1) My Uncle who started to have male breast disorders — put the Blessed Holy Oil on his chest and the swelling and bruising instantly went down. Praised be Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Praised be your Holy name now and forever.
2) My mom’s former colleague (she also married my dad’s friend )– Darlene.  Darlene told me the following, she wasn’t able to send this person Blessed St. Raphael Oil (physically) who was hospitalized in Saskatoon so instead she put Blessed Oil on the Prayer card that is provided and she sent him a picture via her phone — text, and he was cured instantly! Miracles do occur even to this day. Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus. Praised be your Holy wonderful name!  Holly L. Canada
October 2019
I am calling in thanksgiving on behalf of my brother. He has been battling Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer for three years now. I have been praying and using the St. Raphael oil everyday for him and asking for a miracle. His recent biopsy came back no cancer! Praise God, thank you St. Raphael and thank you Fr. Joe Whalen! We are overwhelmed with joy and happiness!  Karen  Louisiana
October 2019
I am writing to share my testimony. The St. Raphael oil has healed me of my sciatica pain. It has been almost (3) months that I have not felt the pain in my right leg. I am no longer getting steroid shots or taking pain pills. All I have been doing is praying to God every night, thru the intercession of St. Raphael the Archangel, praying the prayer you send for healing and massaging where I have back pain and arthritis pain! God Bless you all! Josie 
September 2019
Thank you so much for the St. Raphael oil and all the prayers. My friend has been healed of a foot problem she’d had for many years. I just started using it for my own foot problems and the pain is much better these days. God Bless you! Christine  Illinois
September 2019
Thank you so so much, for your kindness in sending the St. Raphael oil to us.  We have had so many healings, not just Catholics but all people! In Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.  Peter  Solomon Islands
August 2019
Two healings to share with you:
first: my daughter was told her dog of 8 years had lost his eyesight of retinal degeneration disease…no cure. The dog was blind and running into things with no dilation in his eyes. She had gotten a vile of St. Raphael oil and she decided to use it on her dog. She noticed him responding to movements little at first and then being able to catch treats and now dilation and complete freedom and eyesight.
Praise God…we thank you !
second: my sister hearing about my daughter’s dog decided to have some sent to her for healing. A short time later our dad became very ill. He was in a nursing home and the medicine he was put on caused severe vomiting which caused him to inhale some into his lungs causing severe coughing. By the time they took him to the emergency room he was seriously dehydrated and in very bad condition with very low  blood pressure; his kidneys and liver were beginning to fail and he was having difficulty breathing.
When my sister got to the hospital they called a priest and he received the anointing of the sick. Afterwards she asked my dad if he would like to be blessed by the St. Raphael Oil and say the prayers. He agreed. The next day he came back from the dead and all his vitals stabilized. Two days after that he was back in his room at the nursing home to regain his strength and rehab. Two weeks later I witnessed this 91 year old man wheel himself down for dinner. 
Praise God! Thank you for your incredible ministry. God bless you all and may God continue to bless your ministry. Mama Mary Rosa Mystical is definitely behind this ministry! Thank you also mama! and thank you St. Raphael. 
Colleen S.
August 2019
My son gave me the blessed oil because I took two falls and injured my right shoulder. A year ago I was treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, physiotherapies and acupuncture without results. On magnetic resonance imaging, two ligaments ruptured, bursitis, arthritis and rotator cuff problems. I  was in great pain and could not raise my arm. After I started oiling and praying, I improved and my shoulder is almost 100 % good !!! Thank God, Our Lady and Archangel Saint Raphael.
Now the request I made was for another son of mine who has a disease that doctors are unable to resolve. I have faith that he will be fine too.
Maria Teresa  Brasil
July 2019
My father has used St Raphael oil for years and this Archangel became a patron saint in our family. My dad has been healed of his cancer, and Raphael was instrumental in finding my vocation and marrying my wife (so many funny stories).
June 2019
I still remember visiting Father Joe at a healing Mass in Yonkers, NY in 2012 where he prayed over me with the St. Raphael oil in proxy for my son. My son had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I told him about my son and he told me not to worry. Father Whalen gave me a great sense of peace and calm. 
My son has been cancer free for 5 1/2 years!
Robert T.  New York
January 2019
Good morning and all praise and glory to God and thanksgiving to St. Raphael, God’s healing Archangel!  
St. Raphael never fails to help his little ones. I have been using the St. Raphael oil to heal a skin ailment and with persistent prayer and use of the healing oil all is clear!  Truly miraculous!  Thank you, Father and St. Raphael!  
With love, Marie    D.C.
December 2018
Complements of the season. Hope all are keeping fine with God’s grace.
We are experiencing God’s healing love with the powerful intercession of St. Raphael and blessed Mother Mary thanks be to your blessed oil. 
Here below are some testimonies for your reference,
One of my colleague’s nephew, who is just two and half years old, having a hole in the heart was admitted recently as both of his lungs were affected. The poor little chap had a continuous Cough that he couldn’t sleep at all. I found out a couple of days later and as soon as I heard it I gave them the oil bottle along with the prayer card (Normally I keep an additional oil bottle and a prayer card in my bag for such an emergency). Praise the Lord, that night when they applied the oil on his chest after saying the prayer, the terrible cough had stopped and truly the Doctors couldn’t believe it. The parents thanked me immensely for the miraculous oil and the baby was discharged the following day. The sweetest thing is that after this incident whenever he gets a cough, the baby keeps asking “please apply Jesus’s oil”. See how the little ones experience God’s healing love. 
Another Colleague of mine stated that last week before she left the office, she had a feeling of saying the St.Raphael prayer and to apply some oil. So she did and on her way to home, a Three Wheeler hit her but she escaped without any injury. Praise the Lord almighty!
A poor Cancer patient whose surgery is being postponed for six months due to the negligence of Doctors and her own difficulties is still alive mainly due to her trust in this miraculous oil. She is a non Catholic but has a great devotion to Our Lady.
Another friend of mine claims that her only relief for the terrible knee pain is this miraculous St.Raphael oil.
Last not least , my brother had a non healing skin disease and praise the  Lord it is almost healed with oil applied.
So my beloved friends at St.Raphael Oil Ministry, the work you do is really really appreciated and truly it will be rewarded by our Loving Heavenly Father.
Many at Sri Lanka needs the St.Raphael oil as they experience it’s miraculous power.
Shavindrini   Sri Lanka
November 2018
Greetings from Papua New Guinea.
I was given the St Raphael Healing Oil by my friend Evelyn just last week. She told me about how it helped her big sister. I had a lump on my lower left abdomen along with years of pain there and my lower back. I was due to go back to hospital on 26th and 28th of November for surgery to remove the lump. By the grace of God and the help of St Raphael and praying the Holy Rosary I have been healed! The pain has left and the lump is slowly disappearing. I cannot express any more how amazed I am! All this happened in days. Thank you to God Most High for making it possible and for the St Raphael Healing Ministry for all the good works you are doing.
September 2018
A month a ago I had a hysterectomy and ended up with the complication of infection. A drainage tube was inserted. After 2 weeks the infection had cleared but the tube was not removed because there was still an opening the doctors wanted to heal. Naturally I was upset.
I have prayed to archangels before in times of need. This time when I went to research healing prayers, your website came back in the top results. I contacted you and the oil arrived in 3 days!
I started using the oil daily while waiting for my next two week check up praying that my pelvic area would heal enough for the removal. My prayers were answered. It was removed today! I could feel Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary by my side for the past two weeks and a feeling of peace falling over me each time I prayed.
I believe the use of the oil and prayers shorten the time the drainage tube had to be left in.
I am indebted to the mercy and kindness that Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary showered upon me and I will continue to use the oil and pray for my continual recovery
Rosemary F.B. Virginia
September 2018
I had a bottle, which is almost empty. Today I used it on two women who had 2nd degree burns from scalding coffee. They were healed within minutes. PTL Mary P. Australia
September 2018
 I am pastor Lawrence From Africa, I received some anointed oil from you months ago and I shared the testimonies with you of what the Lord is doing here.  Just to share another testimony with you this time…
I used the St. Raphael oil over a woman in a coma unconscious for 2 days, and 3 minutes after the blessed oil was laid she came back to life. There are other countless testimonies, one of which we dipped a cloth in oil and placed in on a sick child at the hospital and he was healed and discharged the next day from a mysterious illness doctors couldn’t diagnosed for a month: all the symptoms disappeared! We praise our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
August 2018
In April of 2016 I lost my voice. After seeing my doctor and an ear nose and throat specialist I was advised to obtain a full body CT. They were at a loss as to why I lost my voice. Amazingly, my voice returned shortly after my CT scan. However the CT showed that my thyroid glands were swollen and that I had a spot on my pancreas. I had my thyroid and pancreas biopsied. My thyroid biopsy came back negative however my pancreas came back as positive for cancer. Shortly afterward, I was diagnosed with Stage II pancreatic cancer. A friend of mine provided me St Raphael’s holy oil and the prayer card. I used the holy oil and prayed daily through my chemo treatments, radiation, surgery, and post-surgery chemo treatments. The tumor was removed completely with no positive margins. As of this past May, I was declared cancer free based on my blood work and CT scan. Every day is now a beautiful blessing. I still use the St Raphael holy oil daily and have provided the prayer cards and oil to other family members and friends battling cancer. All glory to God in the highest. For He is all good. Even in suffering He provides a path to His infinite mercy and love. Thank you for your St Raphael ministry!!! Not only are you saving lives, but more importantly you are saving souls !!!       John R. CO
August 2018
Dear St. Raphael Ministry,
I remember talking by telephone with Fr. Whalen, he was such a saint. We have been using the St. Raphael oil for years. One story I would like to share with you is about one of my daughters. She became pregnant with twins. The doctor discovered that they were sharing the same sac. The doctor said they would be born siamese twins or when born the second one would die. He strongly advised her to have an abortion. My daughter would not hear of it and went through with the pregnancy. She used the St. Raphael oil every day on her tummy and said the prayers. We all used the oil by proxy for her as well. She went into the hospital 2 months early to prevent a premature labor, all the while praying and using the blessed oil. The babies were born healthy and both survived with no complications! We thank God with the intercession of the Archangel Raphael. We miss Fr. Whalen but know he is in Heaven praying for us! Kathy CA
July 2018
Thank you for mailing me earlier in the year my request for the St. Raphael oil. This truly is healing me with prayer. ALL WHO HAVE EARS HEAR!
July 2018
Dear St. Raphael Ministry,
I must tell you, if I can share a story with you, that my husband was very sick back in February. He woke up one night in bed and had the most terrible pain in his left arm. He went to the hospital and he had the beginnings of a heart attack, so they gave him medication to halt it. They still wanted him to go for a cardiac catheterization. He got transferred to a different hospital and went in for the cardiac catheterization. They could not do the catheterization because all three major vessels of the heart were blocked. He needed emergency triple bypass. I never got to see him from the night before, so when I got this news of emergency surgery I was devastated. He came out of surgery 6 hours later only to have to go back into surgery for unexplained bleeding. Another 4 hours later and he was in the ICU. He was on a ventilator, so they expected him to be able to come off of it a few days later. Well, 3 days later I got a call in the middle of the night that they did not expect him to pull though the night. I went to the hospital and that day my mother gave me the St Raphael’s oil. She told me to put it on him everyday. Eight weeks later, with many bad days and good days in between, he woke up off the ventilator. The doctors told me it was nothing short of a miracle because there really was no explanation as to why or how he pulled through. Everything was stacked against him, especially because he was very overweight. But he left the hospital and went to rehab for another eight weeks. He is now home, recuperating and getting back his strength, as well as all of us are as a family. This story of my husband, I believe, is one of a miracle of the oil. Kimberly  NY
June 2018
Hello…I would like 2 bottles of the St. Raphael oil sent to me. It has literally been a life saver to me. Has healed a foot issue that would have required surgery. I am so blessed. Thank you for all that you do.
Mary PA
May 2018
I greet you in the name of Jesus, Mary & Joseph. My name is Micheal O. from Nigeria. I am a member of  the guild of St Anthony of Padua. I am sending you this message in respect of your powerful Saint Raphael Healing oil. I have used it and I can testify how powerful it is. I remember when i was sick and a brother named Joachim came to visit me in the hospital and gave me two bottles. I applied it and I got well! This same oil has been used on the sick with aching problems in their joints and they gave healing testimonies. I will like to get some of these oils please, to help in the good works of God. Many over here are sick due to the poor water, food and crisis happening.   “For by His stripes we are healed” may the peace of our Resurrection JESUS be with you all! God bless your good works!
May 2018
Four years ago I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I used my St. Raphael oil daily along with the prayers. I prayed that if it was God’s desire to heal me I would never fail to thank Him. Not only did He heal me, I am stronger than ever due to His grace and blessing.I have passed your oil on to many mostly strangers, who are suffering from cancer.I pray for them daily! May Our Lord continue to bless your wonderful ministry!   Kathleen
May 2018
Hope all are doing well with God’s grace.
Thank you so much for your prayerful intercession. As said in my last mail, the oil and the prayer is truly miraculous,  it has healed many, many illnesses of whom it was given. My mom who was long suffering from hip and leg pain, got healed. She even got healed and recovered from her long lasting cough! Praise be to Almighty God and thanks be to St. Raphael and our Most Holy Mother. So the oil has become an essential part of our lives as whenever there is a sicknesses we use it and feel the divine healing power. Unfortunately I have run out of the oil bottles as they weredistributed among many who needed God’s merciful love. So it would be great if you could send some oil bottles as it helps immensely to increase the faith since Asian Catholics firmly believe in blessed oil.Keeping you always in my daily prayers fervently,
May God bless you all. Shavindrini–  Sri Lanka
April 2018
I would like to share a miraculous healing story about my father, George A.  On January 8th he was admitted to the hospital due to a large mass in his throat causing difficulty swallowing and breathing.  A CT scan revealed a mass was near his voicebox and they needed to take a closer look with a scope.  To ensure no breathing difficulties during this procedure they also gave him a Trach, which allows for breathing but also doesn’t allow him to speak.  They did a biopsy which showed- No Cancer Praise God!
The mass remained and so did the pain of swallowing. After a week of waiting for a plan, a new Dr. was asked to take over.  This Dr. examined the large mass just yesterday and verified the location and challenges.  My sister Jean, went to visit our father and I asked her to stop by and pick up the St Raphael Healing Oil that Fr. Aniello had shared with us a few months back.  Jean said the prayers along with the Oil blessing during her visit.  Today I was told the new Dr. came to take a second look at my dad’s throat and to his surprise the lump was gone, no swelling at all and therefore he took out the Trach!!!
Praise God again and Thank you sweet Jesus.    I reminded my dad that it was the Holy Oil and the hand of God.  He agreed!
March 2018
Thank you very much for the holy services that you’ve been providing us, the people of the third world country of the Solomon Islands. The blessed oil of the Archangel St. Raphael is helping us with our faith in church. Many miracles have happened to many people who are using the holy oil. Thank you for your holy services and may the Holy Archangel Raphael continue to pray for us.

March 2018

I would like to gave a couple of testimonies on how Saint Raphael Holy healing Oil has helped.
A couple of years ago my bother in-law Charlie and his family were visiting from Ireland. One Saturday afternoon my brother in-law was in the pool, when he jumped in and hurt his lower back. That evening he was complaining about the pain in his lower back. Sunday morning his back pain was no better, that afternoon was getting worse. My wife said if your back is no better in the morning, I’m going to take you for an X-ray. I said to my bother in-law Charlie let me apply some of this Holy oil on your lower back, as I’m applying the holy oil you say the prayer on the Saint Raphael card. He was a little skeptical, I said “Charlie you have nothing to lose”; he agreed. I applied the holy oil on his back, he prayed the prayer on the holy pray card. That evening his back started feeling better. For the rest of the vacation my sister in-law Colette applied the holy oil on Charlie back 3 time a day, and Charlie read the prayer card, within 3 days my brother in-laws back was better. When he left for Ireland I gave him the bottle along with the prayer card. When we talk on the phone my brother in-law still talks about the Saint Raphael holy oil!
2nd Testimony
LMy friend Larry’s brother Ed was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer in the winter of 2016. He was not given much hope, his spirits were down. January of 2017 I gave my friend Larry a bottle of Saint Raphael holy oil along with the prayer card for Ed, I also told Larry to tell Ed he was in my daily rosary. A couple of weeks later arry’s sister Joan called to tell me that Larry had told her about the holy oil for Ed, and that she had some pain in her elbow and had been seeing a doctor for a couple of months with no great results; she applied some of the holy oil on her hurt elbow and said the St. Raphael prayer on the pray card, within the next couple of days her elbow felt great, no pain at all! Joan gave Ed the bottle of holy oil and prayer card. Ed applies the holy oil daily and says the prayers. Ed still has a way to go, but his outlook & spirits are a lot better. Between the treatment and the holy oil Ed’s cancer is in remission!
Nick from New York
March 2018
I felt blessed to have this oil given to me. I truly feel it helped my brain tumor diagnoses to slow down and relieve my anxiety. God bless and thank you St. Raphael Ministry!  Judith  Rhode Island
March 2018
Received the oil on Thursday, March 1, we placed it on with great faith and we felt a great peace, my mother was in pain due to her diabetes, she placed it on herself with faith and the pain was gone, we were cured! I will order every 3 months  since we use every day thanks!  Argentina
February 2018

This blessed oil is healing me and my father.  The numbness in my left foot is lessening and the horrific back pain I have had for many years now is gone!  I use this everyday with prayer and anointing.

Thank you and God Our Father.
Bless you,
February 2018
My husband Ray had bladder cancer, I prayed toSt. Raphael to cure him and he did. Thank you for the St. Raphael oil!  Nancy
February 2018
Thank you for this ministry! I have been blessed by Fr. Whalen’s coming to the Shrine in Eastport L.I.. I continue to use the blessed oil every day for myself and have given it to others. I have received many blessings and healings. Anita

January 31, 2018

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the healing oil.  Although my father passed away on January 22, 2018,I wanted to let you know that the oil helped him in so many ways.  My father Jose, had a brain tumor and had weeks to live.   Before his passing he felt that he was beginning to lose his eyesight.  We said the prayer and rubbed some oil on his eye.  The next morning he could see again.  When the pressure was too much for him to handle we would say the prayer and rub some oil on his head and in his final moments when breathing became a struggle,the oil again gave him a sense of calm and relief. 

I can’t thank you enough for helping my father during this difficult time.

Thank you, Christine

January 2018
St. Raphael’s Holy Healing Ministry,
I have been using the holy healing oil for many years.  Recently, after a vein procedure performed on my legs proved to be most painful and not healing as I had hoped, I began using the oil again (also used it for elbow injury, rotator cuff … among other ailments).  Each day before dressing, I would apply the oil to the backside of my right kneecap and recite the entire prayer card.  After about two weeks … I received tremendous FREEDOM of relief of pain from the procedure as the discomfort seemed to have lessened and lessened.  After receiving this healing, I wanted to still continue to pray for the leg yet I thought that I could use healing in a few additional areas, since it seemed as though nothing was working … so I added the following intentions (requested favors) … to the ORIGINAL healing request …
1. Complete Healing of my vein therapy
2. Softening of my heart
3. Peace and Joy with the GIRLS over the Christmas holidays
4. Restoration of my marriage
5. Patience and non-judgment of my daughters while home on vacation
6. Self-control on my weight loss program
7. Re-dedication and re-commitment to daily prayer time.
I am so moved and feel that all of the above areas are so much better than they could ever have been.  I listed my prayer intentions here above to show how common and simple requests … no matter how large or how small … can all use additional prayer time.  I sing His praises and that of Holy St. Raphael.Thank you graciously for all of your work … it is truly performing miracles here on earth.
Renee H.
January 2018
I have been witness to God’s mercy and healing. He,
through the intercession of St. Raphael, healed our mother’s failing
kidney back in 2012! The doctors were amazed because nobody jumps from
having to go into dialysis to near normal in a few hours! I myself
have been healed as well – but that is another story!  Mary Diaz
January 2018
Father Aniello phoned in a testimony of a woman who has a lump in her throat and had a trach used the oil and the lump went away.  Praise God
I met Father Joe back in 1998.  The Holy Oil cured my alcoholism back in 2003.
Greg M.
January 2018
Audrey wrote in that she had a lump on her right hand finger (due to an injury of pulling weeds 5 years prior) but now it began to grow and appeared infected.  The doctor wanted to do surgery and needed to go down to the bone. I came home and continued compressions along with topical and over the counter meds.  It was still inflamed and had pain. I remembered my St Raphael oil.  The first night I used the oil and said the prayer, on the following morning I noticed quite a change.  A pin head size on the center of the lump was oozing a white liquid.  The swelling had gone down.  I have continued to use the oil and now it is nearly all healed.  The doctor’s office phoned me asking if I was ready to schedule the surgery and I told the assistant that I wouldn’t right now as the lump is nearly gone and the inflammation is down.  She sounded surprised.  It happened so quick and I m so thankful to this ministry for having the oil for all who ask for it.
January 2018
My father was rushed to the ER because he could not swallow or breath.
An ENT advised us after an endoscopy that the large mass was up against his voice box and has restricted his breathing, a surgical biopsy was scheduled however; due to the breathing issue a tracheotomy also had to be done.  The biopsy  verified no cancer yet a huge mass remained. After a week in the hospital a second opinion was requested which resulted in the same professional opinion; no cancer yet a large concerning mass obstructing his swallowing and breathing.  That evening my sister made a visit to see our father. I asked her to stop by and bring along a bottle of St Raphael Healing Oil along with a copy of the healing prayers.  The very next day that same Dr. took another look down my fathers throat and to his amazement found the mass was gone and so was the swelling.  My fathers throat looked completely normal!! Praise God! He had the Trach removed and my father is now on his way to a full recovery. Thank you Jesus our Master Physician, thank you St Raphael for your intercession and thank you St Raphael ministry for Sharing the healing oil and making Gods work known.  Donna Pelletier  IL
December 2017
Could you please send a bottle of Holy Oil, it is a miracle, one small dab of it and a prayer immediately takes away my pain or anxiety. I had a bottle that lasted me over a year, I carried it in my car with me,  but I am down to the last of it.  Angela Duran
October 2017
Hello…I’d like to order two bottles of holy oil. It has been such a blessing in healing my foot ailment. Mary Bleehash
October 2017
Hello. My patient told me of a miracle of the healing oil on her husband, cleared him of metastasizing GI cancer. I would like to order a few vials of oil for my patients and one for myself if possible.  God bless the work that you do. 
October 2017
From Solomon Island – Peter Londeka wrote to say the Holy Oil of Archangel Raphael is helping a lot of people with differnt problems, sickness etc.  Many healings have taken place when using the Holy Oil of Archangel Raphael.
October 2017
I am Br. Jude Chukwu OSB, a Benedictine Monk in Nigeria. I got few bottles of St Raphael oil from a brother that I gave to a friend. She told me that the oil was administered orally to a girl of 9 years who was possessed by evil spirits and she was thrown into convulsion and confession. 
October 2017
Dear friends and servants of God,
As promised, here are three testimonies I want to share about your great work!
1. Four weeks ago, Ishmael Nori was so sick with multiple infections he had to be hospitalized. After two weeks, doctors said there was nothing more to do for him so they discharged him. Back in his house at Leo Creek (location of his residence), east Honiara his illness continued to deteriorate him. During the same week
this was all happening, I gave a niece of mine, Ema Trasel, a bottle of the Oil for her and family use if or whenever there was a need when she had visited us.  My niece lives in the same location as Mr Nori and his family. When my niece went back and saw Mr. Nori’s wife she was having a hard time looking after him, Ema felt
so sorry for her and kindly passed her the bottle of oil. Try this on your husband and see if it helps she told Mr. Nori’s wife. Meanwhile, Mr Nori was so sick that he got tired and told his wife he really wanted to die as because he had been sent home by doctors from the hospital.
That night, his wife signed the cross all over his body with the oil, saying the prayer for that comes with the oil while Mr Nori was fully asleep.
The next morning, Mr Nori was quoted as asking his wife what she had done to him that night because that was the very first night he had fallen asleep without feeling the pains!!!
She told him she had used the St. Raphael oil on him. The second night, Mrs. Nori again applied the oil. When he woke up the next morning, Mr. Nori told his wife
that his late mother had come to him in a dream and asked him to hold her hand and then told him he should stand up and walk. After that dream, Mr. Nori had told his wife the next morning that he had woken up and tried to get up. And he did. He decided to walk – and indeed, he could walk! The wife and children were astonished! The next night, the wife again applied the oil and the next morning, the Mr. Nori who had been crying three nights before that he wanted to die, got up, had breakfast and put on his working clothes and said he was going to work!!!!
When the wife returned the bottle of oil to my niece she thanked her from the bottom of her heart. But my niece had instructed her instead to thank God Almighty for his healing power, not her! Today, Mr. Nori is back to driving his car and going to work as if nothing had happened to him four weeks ago!
2. Paul Bulu Kaia is a Sergeant in the Royal Solomon Islands Police, RSIP. Last month when a joint Pacific Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, headed by Australia and New Zealand,
supported by 12 other countries in the South Pacific was packing up to leave after 14 years of helping the Solomon Islands. Mr. Kaia was the parade commander for the RSIP. Part of the celebrations was traveling to the other Provinces – we have 9 provinces in Solomon Islands – to make sure all citizens thank the
RAMSI for its services to the country. RAMSI came in to Solomon Islands after an ethnic tension (1998 -2001) which had made the country almost bankrupt because of lawlessness and consistent abuse of government finances by former militants. Anyway, Inspector Paul Bulu Kaia led a parade in one of the
substations of Isabel Province. After the trip, he came back to Honiara and had very badly swollen knees and ankle joints that he had been unable to walk for the last 6 to 7 weeks. Two Sundays ago, after holy mass at Holy Cross Cathedral in Honiara, I gave his wife Eileen Bulu one bottle of oil – knowing she was a
very committed Divine Mercy Apostle who always conducted corporal works of mercy at the National Referral Hospital in the capital, Honiara. Yesterday, she
extended her hand to me as soon as she saw me after mass and said, “Thank you for the Oil, it is really
powerful.”I said thank you but quickly reminded her to thank God who is the healer. Anyway,she said she was thanking me for giving it to her. She went on to say that her husband’s swollen joints were so much better.  He told his wife
that the oil was really powerful. He also added that although some people had prayed for him in the past, he felt very differently after the oil. His wife said he is still steadily recovering and now asking her to do one
thing which he continuously ignored up to now – praying the rosary and divine mercy chaplet.
3. Last Tuesday (2nd August), Deborah Marau, a grand daughter who came to the capital from our home Province of Makira-Ulawa with her daughter for an operation of her left hand which had already broken in the past, but again needs another  operation because the bones couldn’t  join up. They had in fact arrived
about three weeks earlier and had gone to the hospital for an x-ray of the broken hand. The picture in the x-ray was that the two bones were still far apart and the Australian specialist had asked them to return for a final check last Tuesday. In the meantime they used the St. Raphael Oil. When they went to the x-ray department and were called in to see the doctor, they were surprised to see three instead of one – two locals and the Australian consultant. When the result of the new x-ray came, they were all surprised to see that the bones had already linked and very well in tact! The three doctors were dumbfounded and pressed my grand daughter to tell them what had happened. Did someone pull the hand to make the bones reconnect? Did you use custom medicine? To both questions, my grand daughter said they just prayed for her. But the Australian doctor repeatedly said amazing,amazing!He kept pressing my granny for a straight answer. Eventually she said she had applied the St. Raphael healing oil from the church which I had given her to apply on her daughter’s broken hand. Because of that, the doctor told them that he did not need to operate as the problem had been resolved! The next day, they boarded a ship and returned to our home Province.
I hope these and others from other beneficiaries continue to strengthen your faith and passion in the St. Rapahel Oil. Once again, so many many thanks!
Julian Maka, Solomon Islands
September 2017
Also a praise report, your oil removed an uncomfortable unknown eye irritant/infection in 24 hours for a user! Also your oil got rid of a severe foot pain in 24 hours! Thank you all for what you do! Belinda Ogono
September 2017
I have used it in accordance with the instructions. I have experienced the gift of calmness,an easing of my nervousness and anxiety after praying and applying the oil. I believe the change in my emotional/mental state is a direct result of the holy healing oil. Ron from TX
September 2017
I am pastor Lawrence, from Ivory Coast, Africa,  I believe God has called you and anointed you in this area of operation. I have ordered before some for myself and I was delivered from a heart arrhythmia illness that has troubled me for years, that is why i am requesting another bottle of the blessed oil for my brother.  
God bless you for his work. Pastor Lawrence Simon
September 2017
May the Peace and Love of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary be
with you today and for all Eternity! Amen.
I write to inform you
that Most Rev. Thomas KABORE, Catholic
Bishop of Kaya will be investing Our seminarians on the 29th September, 2017
St. Raphael’s feast day! Two lectors and three Acolytes. Then he
will be going to Okigwe to ordained 25 Deacon and Priests.
Pray for us and the ministry and Our Congregation Compassionate
Missionary Sons of Mary Queen of Peace.
I will send to you pictures of the investitures…
1. Andrew Koonoo is thanking God for healing him from spiritual attack
and convulsion which happened at 2:30 am in the night. During the
attacked Rev. Joachim Chukwudi was called and he came with St. Rapheal
Holy healing oil which he administered to me. Quickly I recovered.
Rev. Joachim gave me one bottle of the oil.Today I am happy to give
this testimony.
2. Sister Blessing Ozoko, in Makurdi is thanking God for using the St.
Raphael Holy Healing Oil delivered me from sickness which was paining me.
I pray for Father Joseph Whalen for bringing out this Holy Healing
3. Chizoba is thanking God for using the Healing Oil to protect him
from Kidnappers. St. Rapheal Healing Oil has brought favour in his
business because after praying and anointing with the oil I became so
4. Mrs. Ogechi gave testimony after using the St. Rapheal Holy
Healing Oil because she used to have a very serious attack any time she
conceived but after applying the Healing Oil the attacks stopped
Many more testimonies are coming in.
Thank you very much.
Rev. Joachim Chukwudi
September 2017
I have been using the oil quite some time now. My health is really improving and my two daughters too. We want to thank this ministry for the good word you have chosen to serve the Lord through us that you help. I am asking you for all your prayers for us.  Anna Bojang
September 2017
I need to order 10 bottles of oil. I keep these bottles in my purse and give them to people when I feel called to.  My 88 year old mother “Irene” has had a miraculous healing from terrible sciatica pain.  My sister and I prayed with her using the oil and she was healed!!!! Rebecca Bolders Lafayette, CO
September 2017
Winnie Walsh wrote in to tell us her husband and she use the oil daily.  He has postponed his knee surgery because he is so much better.
R. Beltran from CA wrote in to say a healing was received for numbness on the left little finger using the oil and prayer
September 2017
Grace Lloyd wrote to say her son is still using the oil and remains free of any MRSA breakouts.  Praise the Lord.
September 2017
Karen from LA wrote to say her daughter Grace was told she had only a few months to live in 2013 because of tumors on her lungs and stomach..  At that time she used the oil and to this day she is still with us.! She has 3 children that she cares for.
August 2017
Bob from MA wrote in regarding his sister-in-law Shirley who was admitted to the hospital with a bowel obstruction. She had a strangulated hernia that would require surgery.  During surgery she experienced a cardiac event, she had flat lined.  She was in critical condition and they were not allowed to even touch her.  When they finally could use the St Raphael oil and say the prayers over her, her condition changed. Her blood pressure started in rise and she came off the ventilator. She slowly continued to improve and is now at home living independently. 
Praise God and thank you St Raphael.
July 2017
Just wanted to report on my continued healing from hearing loss and tinnitus. A follow-up hearing test yesterday with a new doctor indicated my hearing is now back within the normal range. While my tinnitus is still around, it is greatly reduced. To God be the glory. Thank you St. Raphael! Andy Vaughn
July 2017
June 2017
By the way, I had developed a blockage in my kidney, and it was a source of concern for my doctors. My last sonogram shows that it is no longer anywhere to be found.  Thank you St. Raphael, and Praise you Lord Jesus. MaryAnne Baiera
June 2017
Virginia Harris would like to say that by using this oil and because of this ministry,  she is going to convert to be a catholic and she is 80 years old. It’s never too late!
May 2017
I gave my bottle of oil to a friend who just had successful brain surgery. The friend who gave me mine has just been told her brain cancer is all but gone! Could you please send more oil.  Thanks, Jolene
May 2017
Thank you so much for this amazing oil and blessing I received while using it.  I was suffering for months with a bladder problem that caused such pain constantly. I prayed and applied the oil for a week or so and it completely disappeared.  I continue to use the oil for myself and by proxy for loved ones I know who are suffering.  Jeannie Carpenter
May 2017
From East Africa
A lady who was suffering from a big ulcer on her foot that would not heal.  The hospital didn’t help any. She used the oil and after three days of prayers, ulcer got healed.
2. a young woman could not maintain her pregnancy to full term several times.  Every time she got pregnant, the unborn baby died before full term.  One of our team members gave her the oil to rub on her tummy every day and pray. She now has a healthy baby.
3. A young lady, who was possessed by demons, talking in different voices, got very sick and was  refusing to be prayed for and to receive the last Sacrament. She used to chase away people who came to pray for her.  After administering the oil, she has calmed down. Our Divine Mercy group is still praying for her .
4.  Another woman who had been suffering from stomachache for years, got healed after she used the oil.  She is now ok.
April 2017
My brother had stage 3 throat cancer and now is in complete remission…no sign of cancer. He gave some to his brother-in-law for his wife who had stage 4 cancer in her spinal column. She is doing fine and the cancer has not gotten worse. So I definitely think it works. My brother believes this too. Mark Montagne
April 2017
Thank you so much for the bottles of the Miraculous Holy Oil I received this morning.  I will give the sister (nun) who asked for it. She is in charge of this ‘home’.   The sister related many pathetic stories about the young girls who have fallen into trouble or forcefully put into trouble. They are from extremely poor families in the war torn areas in our Island. This Holy oil is a great blessing for them.
I too received great help from the use of this Holy oil after my sudden operation for a Brain Aneurysm, about 1 1/2 years back,  My cousin who has this oil had come and applied this Holy oil on me and other times on herself and prayed for my healing. The healing was a miracle as I recovered 100 percent without any disability within 4 weeks. I was in the ICU for about 3 weeks and my neurosurgeon said I was  a ‘bad’ case.   It happened in the night when I was having a late night bath and rushed to hospital . I lost my memory for about 2 weeks and regained fully again.  People were amazed at my healing.   My husband who is retired, and financially down, expected to bring home a paralysed person.  God healed me miraculously.  I attend daily Mass and also has a devotion to St. Raphael and St. Michael.
I still have very high pressure and it goes up very high (220-230) from time to time , if I am very tired as I have to do all the house hold work as there is no one to help me.   Then, I feel I will die as my body starts to  shake and I immediately reach for my help ,St. Raphael’s Holy oil.  It always brings down the pressure!
It has helped many others too,
Thank you a million times again.  God bless you all, gratefully,
Marianne from Sri Lanka
April 2017
Carol Granfield wrote that she is 80 years old wrote about a miracle that happened with the oil nearly 18 years ago.  She stated: “My nephew and his wife adopted a little girl from China. When her parents took her for her first physical the Dr. found that she had hepatitis, the serious kind. She had to be seen every 6 months at Children’s Hospital. Her numbers on her liver tests were worsening and by the time she was three, if her numbers dropped down even a little she would be put on a transplant list.  It was at this point that the received the oil and prayers .  They rubbed the oil on her for several years and the doctors were surprised to find that at every visit the numbers were improving. When she was about five or six the numbers for her liver were in complete normal range.  The medical people were shocked as they said they had never seen this happen.  A few years later she was discharged from care and she is now 18 years old, a senior in high school and is well and healthy. Her parents were in awe of her healing and we all attributed this to the healing oil of St Raphael.
April 2017
Daniel Harrigan wrote that he had heard about the oil from a new member of his prayer group who said the oil had healed his wife.  He ordered some for his brother who had stage 3 throat cancer. He was skeptical but used the oil every day. He was a nominal Catholic at best. About a month later he called to say he was using the oil and praying the prayers. He went to the doctors and got a PET scan and was told he has no cancer. His chemo/radiation was 7 weeks but didn’t heal the cancer.  He kept using the oil and 3 weeks ago had biopsies of his lymph node and his tonsil where the cancer was and there was no cancer.  Gone!!!  I attribute my brother’s healing to the intercession of St Raphael and our Lord.  P.S. My brother is going to church regularly now!
March 2017
My Mum was diagnosed with Cancer in 2013 she rubbed Archangel Raphael oil on her every morning and night. My Mum died in 2015 and it was then we found out that Doctors were amazed she had survived as long as she did, with what she had. She was able to have a great quality of life. I attribute this to the prayers my Mum said and God’s will to allow her the faith to put the oil on. At the moment of my Mum’s passing her eyes opened and she smiled the most beautiful smile. God had welcomed her home. I am so grateful for the work that you do, may God Bless you always. Emma Kennedy from Scotland
March 2017
Thank you for this beautiful ministry. In June I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. This oil which I use each evening brings me peace as I put it on, say the rosary and ask St. Raphael for his intercession.
Susan Swehla Des Moines, IA
February 2017
My church, St. Lukes Catholic Church will be holding our Women’s ACTS retreat on March 30-April 2. Since I’ve been using your oil everyday for over a year I feel healed, peaceful and wonderful. Rose Chevez
February 2017
Daniel Harrigan from Jacksonville, FL called to order more oil and to state that his brother had stage 3 cancer and is now in remission as a result of using the oil.  He stated that it is making a difference in this world!
February 2017
I wanted to touch base with you with some good news. A woman at our church stopped me one day and asked about St Raphael’s Holy Oil. After our discussion she really wanted some for her nephew who was having chemo for colon cancer. This was several months ago and he recently had surgery to remove part of his intestines. His cancer was very invasive and the outlook was very grim. She stopped me again on Friday and was very excited and relieved to tell me that he is now cancer free! I did tell her to continue praying to God and the Archangel Raphael in thanksgiving.
Also on New Years day I saw one of our parishioners who has been using the Holy Oil and has metastatic cancer. He never expected to have been here this past year and he is still using the Holy Oil praying for himself and for you. I could not believe it. As sick as he is he knows that the Holy Oil has helped him in many ways and he wants the same for you.
The amazing thing is that many people are using the Holy Oil and their faith is helping them in many different ways. Even though they may not be cured it is helping them accept their illness and bring them closer to Our Lord.
I do hope that you are continuing to do well and please know that many people in our parish are praying for you.
January 2017
Hello My name is Stephen O Brien.I am 47 From Dublin Ireland.
I would just like to thank St.Raphael for his intercession for me to Jesus.
As a child i suffered with bad Migraines but as i grew older they became worse to the stage i was unable to move or even lay down. On May 2016 a good friend of my mother’s called Kathleen. She came to the house and she brought the St.Raphael’s oil and prayer with her. So my mother asked her to pray with me with the oil.The day she prayed with me. The next day i had a bad migraine. The following Wednesday she came back again .Blessed me with the holy oil and prayed over me again. Since then I have not had a migraine at all. I still get small headaches but nothing like the migraines. Thank you Holy St.Raphael for healing me . And God bless this site for helping people to learn more about St.Raphael Archangel Amen .
November 2016
Yes I do believe the oil helped, but most especially the prayers. As you say on your website, the oil is a sacramental. I applied it over my neck several times and prayed the prayers when the pain was most severe. This difficult problem is truly just about 100 percent healed! This may be disputed by some doctors, but I think working on posture and having a very good mental attitude was beneficial too.  A severely painful physical condition now healed. Thank you also for praying for my friends and neighbors for their healing.  One more request, some of my family members definitely need your prayers at this time. Will you please add my family to the list?  Thank you so much. Sheree Graves 
November 2016
I have been ill for the past one and a half year. I have been using the healing oil and I believe this oil helps me a lot because after the  application, I feel relieved and the pain subsides OR disappears!
November 2016
Carolyn Casey from NY called to say that her leg was very swollen but the doctors said they couldn’t drain it.  She used the oil and then the bottom of her pants felt very wet and the swelling had gone way down.
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­November 2016
Dear friends in Christ, Peace and all good. Hope Fr.Joe and all of you are doing fine in the ministry of the Lord. With gratitude, I thank each one of you for your prayers for my health. It is now stable. St.Raphael Holy Oil continues to work miracles in my life after I was told by the doctor that my tumor is not treatable.It is now two years since. Sr.Josephine Oigo Netherlands
November 2016
The oil that I had before I ran out healed me. I have been pain free for almost two weeks now. Again, my faith and prayers did the healing and you became the instrument of sending me this healing oil. Lina Emory  Hayward, CA
November 2016
It’s my responsibility and joy to share MY TESTIMONY and EXPERIENCE regarding usage of Archangel St. Raphael Holy Healing oils in my ministry.  These Blessed Sacramental’s (Holy Healing Oils) are very much helpful in my ministry specially when I go for visiting the sick. As I take the Holy Eucharist to the sick, I also give the Holy Healing Oils to the Sick and Old people. After few days, I started receiving many testimonies of healings from many sick and old people. This is spread not only to our substations but also to the nearby parishes. Now many faithful started coming (Including religious Sisters & Deacon) to receive the Archangel St. Raphael Holy Healing oil. They started EXPERIENCING THE MERCY OF GOD THROUGH HEALING BY THE INTERCESSION OF ST. RAPHAEL. MAY GOD BE PRAISED FOREVER. Once again Thank you for your generous help. In this regard you are having a share in our mission work in East Africa.
Be sure of my prayers for your Good & Holy work.  I pray for God’s blessings & graces on you and your association members that you may continue in this HEALING MISSION of the Lord! Once again thanking you with prayerful wishes,
Fr. Prasad R.P.V St. Michael’s Parish, Kenya
October 2016
Luke DiCesare from PA wrote to say thank you for the St Raphael oil.  “I have been using it everyday and saying my prayers to him.  Many things have showed up for me including employment, but most of all happiness!”
October 2016
Cele Cimorelli wrote to give testimony regarding her sister in law who had breast cancer surgery.  She used the oil constantly between diagnosis and surgery.  She had a small tumor. Reports came in yesterday, the tumor was even smaller than predicted.  All cancer cells were removed with biopsy lymph nodes negative! She looked at me with a joyful smile and said, “It was the oil.”  (She is continuing to use the oil.   She is a deep faithed protestant and said she will be sure to share her oil if she knows of anyone who needs it.
October 2016
Ann Harris from NM called to say she had a fall and her back was bruised very badly.  She used the oil and within 2 days it was completely normal.
October 2016
I was given a bottle by a friend who knew of my damaged knees and I can feel the effect on them already, I would like to ask if I could order  more as I have 2 friends who would benefit from the healing oil I am sure. Robert Turnbull from Australia
October 2016
I am writing to order 2 bottles of healing oil. I have had a complete healing of a foot ulcer using this blessed oil and I am so grateful to St. Raphael and the dear Lord, and to all of you who work so diligently to provide this oil. Sincerely and may God Bless. Mary Bleehash   
September 2106
Addie and Lawrence Knebel from TX have both experienced healings using the oil.  Lawrence had two back surgeries and when he uses the oil all pain goes away and Addie has a problem with her shoulder and when she rubs the oil on it her pain goes away as well.
September 2016
Cele Cimorelli called and asked for more oil.  She told of the miracle her daughter experienced with the oil.  She was 43 years old and had a stroke that paralyzed her whole right side.  Her mom came to the hospital and put the oil on her arm and she said she could feel it.  She regained feeling in her arm.  The next day she put in on her right leg and one day later she was walking.
September 2016
I am quite happy with this oil! I had some issues with my gums where there were deep pockets. I am glad to say that I reached 50% improvement in my most recent session! So I am thankful of that! I’m still applying it to the situation between the individual and I, and it looks good. Christina Shinn  
September 2016
St Raphael has already given my son a major healing but today I am giving testimony for a little girl who had 3rd degree burns and bandages on her hand, major trama, with the loss of the use of a finger from nerve damage.  I took the Healing Oil to her and said the prayers and when the Dr. unwrapped her hand he couldn’t believe that everything was healed perfectly. No surgery, no scars and no nerve damage!  Wow! God is awesome.  They are not a Christian family so I hope this also helped change their way of life.  The Little girl was completely healed.  I was inspired to do that and I felt like a fish out of water but, now I’m glad God prompted my heart to take the oil to her so he could heal this little girl.  When she gets older,I am going to tell her about this miracle that God gave her when she was little! Brenda Buell from TX
September 2016
Joan Lorie from NY gave testimony that St Raphael – the medicine of God, through his intercession I was able to have my retina reattached and I am able to see.  Thank God and his angels and saints!
August 2016
Ezinne Victoria Anyanwu has received her healing from Chronic Catarrh which refused to heal for one year. Worst still is that it comes out every day through the mouth instead of the nose. She has been to many Hospitals include Federal Medical Center Owerri and many other hospitals.  After praying with her and anointing her with St. Raphael holy healing oil and gave her one bottle of the oil to be using for healing. After two days, she came singing praises to God and testifying that God has healed her through St. Raphael Healing oil. The Chronic disease has gone and disappeared from her body. Praise the Lord for granting her healing. Rev. 12:11 says “But they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. That is, they are delivered by the Blood of the Lamb and the words of their testimony.” May the name of the Lord be praised. I thank God and
Rev. Joachim Chukwudi through whom I got this oil.
2. Regina Ohazurike testified that she has been healed from spiritual attack and the arthritis since she has started using St. Raphael Holy Healing oil given to her by Rev Joachim Chukwudi.
3. Mr. Gabriel Iwu (Catechist Umuezeala Mbano) testified healing from pain he had from a motor accident. The legs pained him so deeply with much swelling. After I started applying the St. Raphael Holy Healing oil given to me by Rev. Joachim Chukwudi I got my healing. I thank God and St. Raphael for the healing. I also thank Fr. Joseph Whalen for this ministry. Thank God. We also need more of this oil.
4. Arinu Unachukwu is thanking God for the healing received through St. Raphael healing oil.
5. Francisa Esikalam is thanking God and St. Raphael for healing her from severe fever and now she can sleep well. Before then she had not been sleeping well because of an attack now God has healed her through this anointing oil given to her By Rev. Joachim Chukwudi.
6. Anyanwu Beatrice received her healing from stomach ache and chest pains. She has suffered this for three months now. After Joachim Chukwudi prayed for me and anointing me with St. Raphael Holy Healing oil and gave me one holy oil to use I got my healing within 3 days. Glory be to God in the highest.
7. I received my healing from severe pains which had lasted for two years. I cannot walk neither can I bend, after Rev. Joachim Chukwud prayed for me during morning prayers and anointed me with this holy oil. He gave me one to be using. Before 24 hours I got my healing. No more pain. I am now free. Praise Lord! Alleluya. Thank you Jesus. Mrs Magdaline Obi
8. Grace Njoku is thanking God for healing from sickness and pains after using this miraculous oil given to me by Joachim.
I received healing after using St. Raphael holy healing oil gotten from Rev. Joachim. It heals me from severe pains.Grace Njoku
5. I had a partial stroke on the hand and legs. After using St. Raphael Healing oil I was delivered and healed from this stroke and catarrh. This oil reached me through Joachim Chukwudi and today I am healed. Praise the Lord! Alleluya.
6. My daughter Ugochi Onuoha was delivered from a motor accident after anointing myself with this miraculous St. Raphael oil.
7. Mrs. Rose Okoroafor was healed from an attack on her legs after using St. Raphael Healing oil given to me by Rev. Joachim.
8. I received healing from a bad stomach ache. All this while it seems that there is something like a stone in my stomach and sometimes it moves as if it was a snake. I got my healing and deliverance through St. Rapheal holy healing oil. Eucharia Nwodu.
9. For over 14 years now I have been suffering from a partial stroke. I was healed after attending morning prayers conducted by Rev. Joachim Chukwudi. During the Prayer I was anointed with St. Raphael Holy Healing oil. I thank Fr. Joseph Whalen who started this wonderful ministry. I am High Chief Sylvester Okoronkwo
One woman called and was telling me her testimony.  She had contemplated becoming a nun but before her final vows realized this was not the life Jesus wanted for her.  So she came home and while she was praying had a knowing that she should find the St Raphael healing oil.  She asked her mom about it but her mom knew nothing about such an oil.  Well, she went to her mother’s cabinet and there low and behold was a bottle of St Raphael oil.  Weeks later she was at a prayer meeting and they were going to pray over her for discernment for her next path in life and someone asked if anyone had any oil and no one had any until someone noticed a bottle of St Raphael oil on the coffee table!  No one had brought it and no one knew anything about it. Months later her father was ill and in intense pain from kidney stones and she remembered the St Raphael oil but couldn’t find it so she decided to pray with him without oil.  Before she began, there was the bottle of oil on the TV right in front of her!  They had looked there and everywhere for it.  When she used the oil her dad said it felt like a man’s hand was holding him down and intense heat came over his whole body.  He got up and didn’t have any more pain!
Greetings from Fransalian Seminary, Ndagani, Kenya. i am Fr. Stephen Savarimuthu, belonging to the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales working in East Africa namely in Kenya. well, i have heard so much about your holy healing oil and one priest had given me a bottle of St.Raphael oil together with the prayer. i have used this oil for some sick people here and they have also experienced healing. After hearing that many people come and ask me for the same oil and the prayer by the grace of God, many people come closer to God.
July 2016
I first wrote to you in 2005, I had been totally bedridden for 15 years, when I had the anointing of St Raphael’s healing oil I immediately felt something happening in my body.It took many years but now I am back to work for 1 year. Each time the symptoms of tiredness return I have another anointing and immediately feel lifted.
June 2016

I’d like to say thank you so much for the holy oil you sent me last year. Here are three stories I want to share. A friend’s wife was admitted to the National Referral Hospital here due to many complications one of which was with her pregnancy. Because of the many complications, Doctors said she should be sent to Australia for treatment. When I heard this, I visited the family and gave them one bottle to use. After blessing herself with the oil for two weeks, all the complications started to clear and eventually, she fully recovered much to the surprise of her doctors.   The family is in good health and the new baby was born very healthy.

The second story is about a lady colleague in our office. She was complaining about kidney stones which got very painful. She found it hard to walk and so forth. Upon hearing her story, I offered her one bottle and after having applied the oil for just a week she came and said there was no more problems with the kidney stones and she got back to eating food that her doctors forbade her to eat!

The third is about my cousin Paul. He was also down for kidney problems – down for one or two weeks before I heard about his plight. My wife and I visited them one weekend and went in to see him at his bedside. I asked him about his problem. He pointed to his back where his right kidney was and said that was the most painful part. I took out one bottle and poured a bit on my palm and rubbed the place he indicated. After that I told him to use the oil and tell me what happens. Just two weeks after that, he called me and said the pain was gone and he went back to eating what his doctor had forbidden him to eat!
I have another very close friend whose been in a  wheel chair for almost a month now and I want you to please send me a few of the healing oils so that I can give him one to use for his illness. I would also like a few extras for other sick people I may come across in my work traveling around different communities here on Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands. These are real and true stories and I am sure you have a compilation of similar stories from around the world. Thank you for your beautiful ministry, Julian Maka’a

June 2016
I would also like to thank you for praying for my daughter Carly Bell.
She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 years ago. After a very serious suicide attempt in February 2016 I started praying to St. Raphael and then I received the blessed oil which I shared with her. Very soon after we were led to an osteopathic doctor who is treating her for a hormonal imbalance. Her symptoms are disappearing. The doctor has put a picture of St. Raphael in his office.
It’s a miracle,  I am sure!!
June 2016
The last time I attended the morning mass a man come over to me and my husband and told us the Lord healed him through the St Raphael oil. I encouraged him to write to you and tell his story. He said he would.
The short version of his story is his shoulder/neck was very, very painful because of a pinched nerve. The Dr. told him there was nothing more he could do for the man, only painkillers. My friend used the oil on his neck area, said the prayers and didn’t give it another thought. In the next day or two he realized the pain was much better. Within a short amount of time the pain completely left him! Alleluia! This man was a swimmer for the Navy Seal-special units. He is giving the Lord all the glory for the healing. Connie McGuire from CA
June 2016
I requested St Raphael’s oil as I heard how miraculous it was. You very kindly sent some to me  for which I was very grateful. I have given this oil to others . One person was a young 25 year old with a mystery disease and was unable to walk or talk. Very shortly after rubbing the oil on him he began  to improve and within three weeks was discharged home. A true miracle!! that bottle of oil went all around the hospital and it has helped numerous patients and given peace and hope to so many more. Many people are asking me for it.
I just want to thank you so much for your generosity in sending the oil to me I will be forever grateful.  Teresa McGinley Ireland.
June 2016
I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer which had metastasized to my lungs in April 2013. I had 3 rounds of chemo, major surgery then 3 more rounds. I was clear for 5 months and then in April of 2014 it came back. I did chemo for almost a year and a half. Then last June 2015 I was offered to be in a clinical trial. After 3 treatments my cancer had shrunk by 75%, then in December I was in full remission. People usually do not survive ovarian cancer and I think it is truly a miracle from GOD and I thank him many times a day for giving me my life back. I have used the holy oil most of this time. At the time I got on the trial, I was needing blood transfusions regularly and the cancer was growing even on chemo. I don’t know why I was chosen but I feel very blessed and am trying to do all I can to make my life worthwhile now and help others. Thank you for the oil and your prayers. 
Sue Audy

May 2016

There have been many testimonies from the St. Raphael’s oil which I may not remember now but notably I will record these few.

 1.Cure Of Lupus

Two years ago, a young lady had Lupus, a very serious case. It was clear she would neither be pregnant nor survived the disease. In fact, the symptoms revealed clearly that death would ensue. We sought the intercession of our mother of perpetual help and St. Raphael. I gave her St. Raphael’s oil which she applied on her whole body as well as taking a bit orally for months .As she took this oil, her symptoms began to disappear. Now she has a bouncing baby boy. Thanks be to God, our mother and St.Raphael.

 2. Diabetes

 A very serious case of diabetes was cured by the St. Raphael’s oil. Many cases are still being cured by its use. Praise the lord.

 3.Stroke and bladder diseases

 A patient had a serious stroke and bladder ailment which was declared incurable. We prayed and used the oil and asked the wife to continue the prayer to St. Raphael as well as use the oil. Not long after she gave her testimony of the husband’s cure. We thank God.  Maureen O.

May 2016 

I thank you all once again for sending the oils there are so many testimonies many of my priest friends are giving me testimonials. Here is one from a friend of mine in Africa. Claire, she is a lay preacher in Malawi, she distributed oils to her prayer group and here is a testimony from a woman in her group, many were so surprised,I had eye problems it was like a foreign object was in my eyes for quite a number  of years for almost 20 years, after using the St Raphael oil I was very surprised that the problem had gone instantly.  

And my priest friend Fr. Michael V.C. from India said the oil worked many wonders in his 13 substation parishes. A man who fell down from a tree, lost control over his hand, but using the oil he can lift up his hand.   God bless you! Paven India 

May 2016

Hello, I have received many healings over the years using the holy oil.  The latest is my thumb on my right hand was healed of carpal tunnel.Beth D.

May 2016

Your healing oil is doing wonders on my arthritic knees.  Angela from CO

May 2016

That oil healed a really bad chest cold in hours! Belinda O.

April 2016

Donna from CT said her daughter was in an abusive relationship for 15 years but didn’t have the strength to leave the situation.  Donna used the oil in proxy for her daughter and within 4 days her daughter came to tell her she was leaving the situation.

April 2016

A friend of mine has been fighting cancer for years. She originally had breast cancer, but about a year ago she started developing several other tumors. She had surgery and chemo, but she wasn’t getting the best results. She has been using the holy oil during this past year. A few weeks ago she was in bed and had forgotten to put her eye drops in her eyes. She accidentally picked up the St Raphael oil and went to pour it in her eye. Of course she now had oil everywhere. She didn’t want to wipe it off with a tissue as she couldn’t throw it away with the holy oil on it. She then rubbed the oil all over herself wherever she had tumors. A few days later she went for a pet scan. All of the tumors had shrunk! Amazing. Praise the Lord!  Oma H.

April 2016 

I truly believe in the healing power of the oil and Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother. I had suffered with a splitting headache for three days and nothing I took helped. My ex wife had the healing oil and said for me to use it and rub it on my forehead which I did and within a minute my headache was gone. I truly believed that the oil and Our Lord would help me and I was amazed when it did. Felipe D.

April 2016

I have been Blessed and would like to share this story with my Prayer Card. My  Prayer Card and Blessing Oil  were given to me by a friend in Hawaii in 2004. My wife Berry  received hers at the same time, it was blessed by the Archangel St. Raphael Holy Healing Ministry, Danielson, CT.  In 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma and could not finish my chemo due to my low platelets at the time I still had a  tumor at the end of my spleen. Six months later after my last chemo, (I could not finish), on that day I had to see the results from my pet scan I got out of the shower to bless myself and as I looked in the mirror, I noticed a glow not only on my forehead but also  on the right upper corner of my prayer card. I called my wife Berry in to see it and she did, the glow on my forehead lasted 2 days and the glow on my prayer card lasted 6 months and the spot is still there today but not glowing. You will see it in the photo, so on this same day we saw the glow, Berry and I went to get the results of my pet scan the tumor was gone! My wife  Berry was diagnosed with lung and bladder Cancer in 2007, she also used her prayer card and blessing oil and she beat both her lung and bladder cancer! 7 years later her Chemo Drug came back and destroyed her bone marrow and she died of  MDS AML in 2014.   Well here is were it gets interesting too:
Prior to me leaving on a trip to  Las Vegas in June of 2015 ,  I made a flower planter so I can take flowers to my wife’s  grave.

When I returned at the end of June from the Las Vegas trip, I went to Los Olivos Ca. near my home, they have a really nice nursery there with very unique garden things, Berry and I would go there quite often. Well I saw this beautiful butterfly, it really caught my eye so I bought it, on the way home, I was thinking of where I could put it, then it dawned on me I could  put it on the flower planter that I made for Berry! 
So when I got home I put it on the flower planter to make it  look  like it just landed there. 
I have been going  to Church in Solvang Ca. and really like the Priest there. He talks a lot about spiritual happenings, while in church  I opened my  Prayer card and  saw a colored Butterfly print on the center of my Prayer Card!
The first thing I thought of was the Butterfly I bought for my wife  on the planter,  so when I got home, something told me to put it up to the light and that is when I saw that there were other Butterfly’s forming, my wife  always knew I always used  my prayer card, this was a  Beautiful Blessed day! 
The Butterfly’s are still there to this day!
I always knew that there was a God and that there is spiritual life after death and my wife Berry
 is my guardian Angel.  Eddie G.

March 2016

I lived in South Grafton for two years while the Army sent my husband to graduate school at BC. During those two years I had trouble conceiving and had two miscarriages. I had four children and was thankful for them but was heartbroken to loose two babies. I attended a healing mass and started praying while using St. Raphael Oil. The following month I conceived my daughter, Julianna, who is now 14 months old. I continue to pray in thanksgiving for her.  Pam

March 2016

I gave a bottle of oil to an older Vietnam veteran (who attends daily mass) because his wife told me he has Crohn’s disease. This morning he came over and told me that he thinks the Lord is re-filling his bottle. He uses the oil everyday and it still isn’t empty. I gave him the bottle of oil a year ago, summer 2014. I will remember your organization. I think your ministry is powerful. A friend experienced conversion.  I have a deepened faith and extra connection with archangels. Whatever it was your ministry is powerful  Seth H.

March 2016

Thank you so much for the Raphael oil… I have been going to a woman for acupuncture, prior to every treatment she prays at my feet with the oil…  I had cancer and am now going through treatment….
Every morning I put the oil on my scalp and feel so much peace.. I also believe this oil has helped me to feel faith and safe… I think this oil helped to save a lot of my hair going through my TC chemo treatments..( four total)
I am so glad for you to do this for us… much blessings ..
.. Teresa….
( p.s. next is radiation and I will have this oil with me to give me healing and strength and many miracles..)

February 2016

Regina S. had several testimonies to report.  She gave the oil to a friend in Florida whose brother had prostate cancer.  After he used the oil and prayed he was informed by his physician that he had no cancerous tumors.

Regina’s friend also sent the Holy oil to her friend in Ireland whose husband had cancerous lesions.  He used the oil and was told by his doctor that he no longer had cancer.

Regina was moving furniture in her home and a hard bedpost landed on her toe.  The pain was excruciating and her toe became black immediately. She could not even walk in the foot.  She prayed the St Raphael Prayers and used the oil on her toe.  The pain left immediately and the color of the toe returned to normal immediately.

Regina’s sister banged her knee and felt she dislocated her knee.  She immediately used the oil on her knee and prayed.  The pain disappeared and the knee pain disappeared and the knee returned to normal.

February 2016

I and  many priests are distributing holy oils to lots of people In hospitals in villages, yesterday after the Mass a woman came to me and said that she took holy oil from me and applied it to her sister’s husband who is a drunkard and he stopped drinking, and at the same time a old woman came to thank me, for the oil I gave her. She said she had terrible knee pain but after using the oil they are better her name is Mariya, and there were many people who were testifying healings brought by Jesus into their lives using the oil.  Also a Hindu family testified using the oil was miraculous, every 13th of every month Maria Rosa Mystica day is celebrated in the Valankani Matha parish, Fr. Matthew CMF , prays and anoints the sick and also on every third Thursday night Gethseme vigil, your ministry Is in our prayers and also your ministry will be remembered at the holy land.    Servant of his heart, Pavan India

February 2016

I believe my husband who had cancer was able to be treated successfully because of the St Raphael oi.  Rosalie B.

February 2016

My brother had a healing on his hip after using the oil.  He was in so much pain and now the pain is gone.  We have a niece married with 3 small children and only in her 40’s but with many heart problems.  She is using what I had left and is seeing some improvement.  She has been to 5 doctors and none have been able to help her, but now is improving and attributes it to using the oil

February 2016

I would like you to know my friend Silmy got better after you sent the oil to Hong Kong.

February 2016

My granddaughter was having nightmares that had monsters in them.  Georgeanna is 4 years old and hated bedtime because she was scared the dreams would start.  She would wake up at night and cry and her dad would have to sleep in the floor sometimes till she went back to sleep.  I gave my daughter in law Lora a bottle of St Raphael Holy Oil and told her to bless Georgeanna before she went to bed.  She woke up the next morning and said “Mommy, I want that oil and blessing every night.  I didn’t have any bad dreams”.  Kathy W.

February 2016

I’d like to order some St. Raphael healing oil for my  mom. I just started using it a few days ago and it is already proving to be wonderful. My back is healed and my physical strength has returned. Thank you. I hope that my healing continues all the way until completion.  Jersie M.

January 2016

As I prayed and asked you to pray for my great grandson Trey has a hole in his heart. I used to tell his Mom, Erika, to rub the Holy Healing Oil & prayer of St Raphael the Archangel with a Cross in front of his heart & I usually substitute for him also, rubbing the Holy Healing Oil to myself in front of my heart & praying to St Raphael the Archangel that I am substituting for my great grandson for I cannot reach him because our provinces are very far from each other. Here is the story:
Last 1st week of December 2015, my great grandson Trey had a check up of his 2D Echo of his heart to his doctor. Then my grand daughter Erika, the Mom of Trey told me & my husband that Trey is physically healthy for a surgery already to close the hole in his heart.
We refused for the surgery because Trey is only 4 yrs old, very young for an operation. I prayed so hard to the Divine Mercy, Jesus Christ, to our Blessed Virgin Mother of Guadalupe & the power of Baby Jesus in Her Sacred Womb. I prayed the Rosary everyday & every night , we visit always the Blessed Sacrament to ask for Jesus Christ’ mercy & grace to please close & heal the hole in the heart of Trey. And that thru the intercession of St Raphael the Archangel & His Holy Healing Oil to please close the hole in the heart & heal the heart my great grandson Trey. I continue telling his Mom to rub the Holy Healing Oil of St Raphael the Archangel, doing the same thing to myself. I never get tire of praying to St Raphael the Archangel because I have so much faith & trust in him as an intercessor to dear Jesus Christ, our Blessed Virgin Mother &  the Infant Jesus &  being the Medicine of God.
Yesterday I received a message from my grand daughter that Trey would have another check up at the Heart Center. He has the 2D Echo check up again for his heart. The Doctor told his Mom & Dad that there’s no need of surgery. And the medicine he is taking for his heart can be stopped being taken by Trey.   OH MY GOD! PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME Thank You, St Raphael the Archangel Healing Ministry & St Raphael Healing Prayer Team for all your prayers. I will continue my mission to help those people who are sick thru the Holy Healing Oil of St Raphael the Archangel. Mrs G. D. M.  Philippines

January 2016

Renate M. – wrote to tell us of a dry eye issue she was having and was having trouble taking the medicine.  The doctor wanted to scrape the Cornea and put a contact lens over it so it could heal but it was right before Christmas so the doctor asked her if she could wait until Jan 4th.  She used the oil for the two weeks and when she went back the problem was gone.  The doctor didn’t know what to make of it and asked her if she had been praying.  When she told him yes, his response was, keep doing it.

January 2016

Glory, all praise and honor be to God, with thanksgiving and love for the successful results of skin cancer surgery yesterday January 12/2016. I just received the vial of St. Raphael Healing oil last Thursday (January 7/2016)  I began that evening (and over the course of the next five nights up to yesterday, the morning of surgery) … In faithful trust and abandonment to God’s will, I recited the prayers and applied the oil to the affected area under my left eye.
The surgery was scheduled to take a minimum of four hours , with the possibility of it taking even 6-8 hours due to the location of the cancer and depending on the amount of cancerous cells they needed to extract using the MOHs method. Once the cancerous nub and surrounding cells were extracted, upon further testing, I was given a positive prognosis and was sutured and released all within two and a half hours! Even the nurses congratulated me on such a positive and rapid result… With special thanks for the love and intercession of Our Lady of Czestochowa, St. Raphael, St Peregrine, St. Faustina, as well as the many angels and saints in heaven as well as those here on earth who offered Masses and prayers for me. If you place yourself In His Hands trustingly, He will never forsake you!
May God Bless all of you for your good works!
In His Love and Mercy…
Sandra (Canada)

December 2015

Thank you! I have given away many bottles of St. Raphael holy oil. I try to stay in touch with the people whom I give it to. Three people that I know of so far, have gone into remission from cancer. I do not ask if they have used the oil, I just pray for them, and assume they do, then let God do the rest. Many thanks and blessings to all who have put time and prayer into the making of this holy oil. What an amazing God we have!!  Jennifer

November 2015

Thank you so much for your wonderful Healing Oil.  I used it and prayed your powerful prayer once to heal an ovarian cyst that I had on my ovary. Within 2 weeks I went to my OB/GYN and they saw through the ultrasound that it was all gone.  I can’t thank your ministry enough for providing this wonderful healing oil. If I hadn’t received the oil, I would have had to undergo surgery, which I am so scared of.  Lisa   CA

November 2015

Sister Teresa L. – wrote that she is using it in the nursing home in MI.   She uses it for all her residents at the facility.  “God has truly blessed them through it.  One lady who was dying regained her health”. 

November 2015

Good morning.   I used to have a bottle of the St. Raphael oil many years ago, and I may have thrown it out, thinking it was superstition.  Lord, forgive me.  A friend applied it to a man who was in his final days with cancer and shortly afterwards, he was healed and is still alive and well, fifteen years later.  Over the years I have come to have a particular love for St-Raphael and believe God does heal through him.  For this reason, I am requesting some of this oil and the prayers that accompany it, since I have friends and family members who are sick.  Francine

November 2015

Michelle, a former colleague who is in her 40s, was told both sides of her thyroid would need removal; there was a 40% chance of malignancy; and medication would need to be taken the rest of her life.  She was, in her words, “A basket case—I can’t eat, sleep, or stop crying.  My kids are going to be without a mother.” I gave her a bottle of St. Raphael’s Healing Oil.  She underwent surgery.  There was no trace of cancer anywhere in her body; only one side of her thyroid needed removal; and no meds are needed.  She was back to her old routine within two weeks of the surgery.

Cathy, a former boss was transferred to my job site.  She stopped by my desk to say, “My doctor said I’m a walking time bomb!  I’m having hiatal hernia surgery because it has pushed my stomach into my chest cavity. After surgery, I need to spend one week in the hospital and three months at home to recuperate.  I’m a nervous wreck.”

 I gave Cathy a bottle of St. Raphael’s Healing Oil which she began using immediately.  The surgery was free of any complications; she was discharged in 48 hours; and returned to work within a month.  The day she came back, she hugged me and said, “St. Raphael came through for me.  Thank you for giving me the healing oil.  My surgeon was amazed at how everything fit back perfectly.  I wanted to come back to work two weeks after surgery but my doctor told me not to push it.”

John, a man in his 60s who is a customer at my place of employment, told me he had stage 3 prostate cancer that might have spread to his lymph nodes and added that he had been depressed since January.  I gave him a bottle of St. Raphael’s Healing Oil a week prior to his surgery.

The week after his surgery, John came in to specifically tell me, “I know it was the healing oil you gave me.  The cancer was localized and the doctors were able to remove it all.  There were no complications and I don’t need to undergo any further treatment.  The hospital, doctor, staff, and meals were all terrific. It sounds crazy, but I actually had a great time there and I’m not depressed anymore.”  He was back to his old routine one week after surgery.

My dad, who uses St. Raphael’s Healing Oil on a daily basis, slipped on our staircase and somersaulted down 10 stairs.  He only sustained a hairline fracture to one finger and one rib.  His recovery was quick and relatively pain free—even with the massive contusion to his side.  Our family is thankful for the Divine Intervention he received and we attribute it to the fact he is a daily communicant who uses this oil daily.  Thank you, dear Lord, for allowing St. Raphael to intercede for my family before Your Throne.

A parishioner, who my family is friendly with, told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor indicated that it was probably malignant.  One week prior to her biopsy, I gave her a bottle of St. Raphael’s Healing Oil.  Her biopsy came back “benign.”  Although her doctor still wanted her to have IV chemo once a month for a period of six months, she never lost her hair or became ill.  The only side effect was, on the day of treatment, she was tired the remainder of the day.  Two years later, at age 72,  she remains cancer free.

John, who is in his 70s and has Parkinson’s, was told the skin cancer on his forehead was most likely malignant.  With the medication he was on, cancer treatment was not an option.  I gave him a bottle of St. Raphael’s Healing Oil two weeks prior to his surgery to remove the growth.  The biopsy came back “benign.”  All that was required was removal of the lesion.  No follow up required and it has not reoccurred.

November 2015 

Thank you so much for the Holy oil you sent before.  I myself use it and gave others who were helped by it. It is a truly miraculous oil. As it’s very powerful, so many are asking for it. I myself use it everyday as I have high blood pressure that is difficult to bring down ,but I am healed from the surgery in the brain by this oil.

November 2015

I live in Gweru, Zimbabwe in the Southern Africa Continent.  I am kindly asking you to send me the St Raphael Holy Oil for my use.  I have Lymph Nodes which are  not going away.  I was told by one of my Catholic Friends to use the Oil with prayer and she did herself and she was healed.

October 2015

For five years now my family has attended your healing Masses at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy. Every time your ministry comes we ask for extra oil to share with those in need. Last year we missed you. On September 22, 2014 at about 4:30 in the afternoon, my mom had an aneurysm in her brain burst. From the local hospital she was rushed to U Mass hospital in Worcester. The doctor told us there was a lot of blood and if she made it she would be a vegetable the rest of her life. Before she was moved we prayed over her for God to watch over her on the flight. When we arrived at U Mass, she was in the ER. The hospital counselor told us how grave this was and to notify the rest of our family. My mother did not respond for about four hours. We contacted numerous prayer lines, I called for a priest and asked him to bless my mom with the St. Raphael oil I had in my purse, we all prayed for her. Thank God I had it. I could feel the Holy Spirit enter the room with us. It was unbelievable. About an hour later my mom opened her eyes, she squeezed my dad’s hand and she was able to answer by blinking. I fell to my knees at that very moment and praised God! We felt she had a long road but she lived and was with us still. The doctors prepped her for surgery and repaired the aneurysm with a coil. At 5:00 am the next morning the doctor told us the surgery was successful. He said, “we are still in deep water but we are out of the deepest part.” My mom spent 18 days in ICU. She was able to come home on day 19 with NO side effects! The doctors tell her that she is a miracle!  I know what God did for my mom and our family that day through prayer and the St. Raphael healing oil. I will be forever grateful for this amazing miracle! Tannis

October 2015

Elva S. called requesting more oil.  She said that whenever she puts it on a part of her body that hurts, the pain goes away.  She puts it on her knees when she needs it and recently she put it on a toe that she stubbed and was hurting tremendously.  The pain went away.

October 2015

Rev. U.C.O.J.

Dear ones in Christ,

Ave Maria! Ave Maria! Ave Maria!

I am very happy to write to you in this month of October 2015, month of Mary and month of Grace. May the peace and love of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary be with you today and for all eternity! Amen.

Fr. John and I received the St. Raphael oil recently. Here are a few testimonies:

1: Mrs. Rosary O. was healed through the St. Raphael oil. She is with tears of joy thanking God and the St. Raphael oil from death by poison. She could not pass feces for some days and was very uncomfortable and restless. Immediately after anointing herself and drinking some of the St. Raphael oil all poisons were washed away instantly. She vomited out all the toxic materials and regained her health. She thanks God through St. Raphael for delivering her from the poison and the spirit of death. She also gave the oil to her daughter who was under spiritual attack at school. Her daughter testified, upon the anointing of the oil, the occultic spirit stopped attacking her in her sleep.

2: Dikachi O. was trapped under his car when it caught on fire. The car was totally burned and he suffered terrible burns all over his body. I gave him the oil to use on his severe burns and now the burns have healed rapidly and he can now work!

3: From Mrs. E from Umuodinmma:   A.O.I. testified what God has done for her through this oil. She had a lump on her right breast and after she started using the oil the lump disappeared within a few days. She was cured from this lump that afflicted her after blessing herself with the oil.

4: I, Uwagbaokwu C. am thanking God for saving me from the spirit of death and severe sickness while using this healing oil. God healed me through the St. Raphael oil of chest pains, emotional sichness and also from appendicitis inflammation. Everytime I use this oil there is a miracle in my life. I cannot sleep unless I sign myself with this healing oil because of its efficacious power of healing and also delivering and protection of evil. Thank you, Jesus, for healing me through this St. Raphael oil. I promise to give out this oil and preach about it to the sick and afflicted.

Dr. K.C.O. and Dr. A.U. from the Dept. of Surgery Federal Medical Center and Amarajane Hospital use on their patients for healing. The St. Raphael oil has done many miracles for me and my entire family. My father Chief R.O.U. was saved from the spirit of death through this miraculous oil. I thank God and St. Raphael for all the healing and grace. I also gave the St. Raphael oil to a newly ordained priest, Fr. H.C.O. and he asked me to send his appreciation to all of you for all the healings through this oil. He is using this oil to pray for the sick, in the hospitals and deliverance work. Many testimonies have been recorded, I will send them to you gradually. Thank you for the oil. We use in the missionary work of healing the sick and afflicted.We thank you very much for your kind generosity. The orphans, abandoned children, youth and the sick and suffering of God asked me to send their greetings to you too.

September 2015

I wrote to you at the end of July with a special request for prayer for my cousin Katie W., to have a successful transplant. God be praised – she made it through the transplant and is doing well. Would you please share this miracle as a testimonial? Andy

September 2105

On the 2nd of August night, I  lost consciousness  and was admitted to the  hospital. I had a blood clot in my brain and on the following day I was operated on. The operation lasted 5 1/2 hours. I felt dizzy that night, I was not ill,but after that surgery that I couldn’t remember anything. After about four or five days I got my memory back. That is the miracle God worked, I say it was a miracle.  Some say it takes months for the memory to come back, for speech to return, etc. I had very high blood pressure.  I was in hospital for about 3 weeks and in the last week came home .My cousin had applied your miraculous oil on herself and prayed for my healing. ( I have no parents as my father died when i was 4 years and mother 18 yrs) and God heard it and as i attend daily Mass all of them had prayed daily.  God bless you all. Marianne

August 2015

Please send me another bottle of healing oil. It has helped my foot healing immensely and I am so blessed by St Raphael. Thank you for sending me this miracle.

Sincerely, Mary B.

August 2015

I am writing to request (2) small bottles of the sacramental healing oils.  I have personally been given this before, used it “religiously” and recited the prayers with it.  It truly healed my elbow injury.  It was miraculous!!!  Renee H.

August 2015 

Just wanted to tell you that my husband, and I have been using the blessed oil on our physical ailments, and we are both so much better. His eyesight, after a laser procedure about 2 mo. ago, has gone from 20/50 to 20/40 to 20/25 (using the oil), and he also applies the oil to his stomach area to heal the “leaky gut.” That seems to be improving as well. I apply it to my arthritic joints and so far no flare ups! I also apply it to myself in proxy for my grandson’s anxiety. He is better! J.C.

August 2015

My son Robert was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer 2 years ago. I went to see Father Joe at a church in Yonkers. After that, I had Robert apply the oil before each chemo treatment.  Robert has now been cancer free for 20 months!! Mary

August 2015

A young 4 yr old child has Kawasaki Disease and has had a fever for over 4 weeks…no appetite…no energy…losing her hair…so I sent her parents the oil and they anointed her while saying the prayers…within an hour or so she was up and around and ate all day….they are so grateful and in awe to our good God.

Another young 35 yr old man with 3 young children was diagnosed with lung cancer which then metastasized to the brain…he was given only a yr to live…well we sent the oil and he is 3 yrs into disease with no side effects or sign of cancer at this time.

 A young woman had stage 4 colon cancer we sent oil and  when the doctor went to do scans pre-op he saw no sign of cancer….she is so in awe!   Lila L. LA

My daughter recently gave me a small bottle of the holy oil, and my husband and I have been applying it to our many physical ailments. His eyesight has been improving dramatically, and my arthritis in practically every joint has also improved.

August 2015

Well it starts off with my son Leon, he was admitted into childrens hospital his second day of life due to low temperature and two cardiac arrests. He also had abnormal blood test results. When he got transferred to children’s hospital he had another heart attack. When the doctors found out what was wrong with him they told us he had a low chance of surviving because his body was filled with a high  ammonia level no adult or child has ever survived from. He was diagnosed with HHH disorder but we later found out he has OTC disorder which is a disorder where he can’t process protein and turns it into a toxin called ammonia. I prayed every day to God and mother Mary to spare his life. And they answered my prayers, i came upon your website desperate for help and ordered the oil. I saw the testimonials and i believed them. And i believed that the oil would heal my son. When i received the oil I prayed and shortly after my son got better and we were able to take him home. Day and night I was in the hospital with my son for 4 months, I was just so happy to be able to take him home. The doctors were so shocked that he even survived and I’m so thankful for what you are doing.

May God bless you all!   Rochelle Q.

July 2015

Three or four months ago I gave a bottle of the St. Raphael oil to one of the sacristans who serves on the altar at daily mass for our parish. I didn’t know if he had any health issues but just wanted him to have some of the St Raphael’s Holy Healing Oil. As soon as I gave him the bottle of oil he said, “Oh good. I have a little heart problem. It beats too many times. Nothing to worry about.”  He said he was going to put his confidence in “The Lord and the oil” rather than the medication he was just prescribed. Two months later this sacristan had accepted a job offer in another part of the country. The day before he left he made a point to talk to me. ” I just wanted you to know that yesterday I saw my cardiologist. The doctor gave me the all clear to go. He ran a bunch of tests and discovered that my enlarged heart had grown smaller, by 15%! The doctor didn’t know how that happened. And, my heart has stopped skipping beats..I’m going to keep using that St Raphael’s oil!” Jesus be glorified! What a compassionate healer He is!   Connie

July 2015

My mother was dying when she was 86.  Three Dr’s said there was no hope.  I blessed my mother with the oil and now she is 96! Also my nephew was born with a genetic disease that by the age of 5 he would be an old man.  They tested him 4 times and it was positive each time.  His parents prayed and used the oil and on the 5th test he no longer had the disease! Praise God!

July 2015

I just wanted to take the opportunity to ask God to bless you and your ministry, and thank Jesus for the work you are doing. The reason for this email is threefold. You recently received an email from my brother Andrew, and sent him a bottle all the way out here to Australia. He does have health issues, some I understand, some I don’t. The second point was to let you know the effects of Jesus’ healing through the oil, and the outcome of your  many prayers. My brother Andrew and I share a spiritual path. We are twins both on a journey we are hoping back to God from this Exile. The oil has afforded quite some comfort to Andrew, making it possible for him to live without so much pain, particularly bodily pain, which was stopping him from doing much with me and doing what needs to be done. Being who I am, I used the healing oil and prayers on myself as well, wondering what it was all about and asking to be proxy for my brother. The spiritual healing afforded to myself and my brother has been surprising, overwhelming, and I wanted to make a testimony to the truth and realness of your mission. This may sound different from the usual testimony you receive. However with praying the prescribed prayers, using the oil and devotion to Jesus wholeheartedly, not only has your mission assisted my brother in bodily healing, but it has helped us both grown stronger in the His Spirit, to live once more an ‘ascetic’ life, not so concerned with things that distract from God, and helped us to be centered fully on seeking Heavenly treasure, that is in finding Jesus, in being worthy to be received by Him on that day. It is somewhat of a revival for us both, as we have both lived the life He has called us to, yet as we all do, coming and going, rising and falling. To be to the point, the spiritual healing we both have received is quite incredible. It has allowed us to recognize and once again give ourselves completely to what we see as our mission here on earth, that is to live together and to simply pray for others, pray for the world, in a kind of hermitical life. All in Jesus, of course, but thank you all for your work, and especially prayers. Somehow I think you are making the entire Heavenly community smile. Many thanks and in Jesus name love to you all, may Mary our mother the Mother of God watch over you, and of course may St. Raphael continue to be in your Holy Mission.  Peter V.

 July 2015 

In the past, God has answered numerous intentions through the intercession of St. Raphael. A fellow choir member’s granddaughter had successful treatment of advanced leukemia; I’ve experienced healing of anxiety; and others have spoke of great miracles. God bless you in abundance. Andy V.

May 2015

From Nigeria
Mrs. E N is testifying of the healing received while using the healing. She had constant fever and arterial pains. Immediately she use the healing oil, the fever and pain left her.

May of 2015
From Nigeria
There is a woman who was having difficulty breathing. After using the oil she was miraculously well.

May 2015
From Nigeria
There is a woman who was suffering from fibroids, after the surgical operation, the wound refused to heal for 3yrs now but after praying for her with Archangel St. Raphael holy healing oil the wound healed within one to two weeks, not only that woman is pregnant now. She came thanking God and St. Raphael.

May of 2015
From Nigeria
There is a woman who was having difficulty breathing. After using the oil she was miraculously well.

April 2015
From Solomon Islands
A woman in her 50’s suffered from sores on her breast. She received treatment from the hospital as well as from private doctors but none of the medicine helped her. Last year a promoter of the St Raphael oil anointed her with the holy oil twice and she was miraculously cured. She is now attending Mass and other church activities.

April 2015
From Solomon Islands
A young man was bitten by a centipede and was rushed to the hospital. Upon his arrival suffering from severe pain, he was anointed with the St Raphael oil and the pain was gone immediately.

March 2015
Karyn had a lung infection and blessed herself with the St Raphael oil. At that moment she coughed up a huge amount of mucus and the hospital staff helped her to expel it instead of it sitting in her lungs. “The favors from Heaven are innumerable”!

March 2015
Geraldine was looking in her medicine cabinet for anything to help relieve the pain from a corn on her toe that was very painful. She found a bottle of St Raphael oil that had been there for some time. She applied the oil to her corn and by the next morning the pain was gone and the toe felt normal. Praise you Jesus

March 2015
Maria wrote about her daughter who was very sick. After 4 spinal taps, numerous CT scans of the brain, blood tests, dialysis and plasma exchange therapy, life support machine and medically induced comma for 3 weeks, her daughter is alive and well. The mom remembers the day she received the oil. She brought it immediately to her daughter at the hospital and her daughter used it right away and continued to use the oil even after she was discharged.

When she returned to the hospital with her daughter the hospital staff said “It is a miracle, you defied science”. Today, her Neurologist stated that he will probably never know her diagnosis and he himself says it is an act of God. God is so good and merciful.

March 2015
Audrey wrote about the pea sized cysts that she had on her wrist for nearly 3 years were just gone after using the St Raphael oil, as well as nearly all the pain of the carpal tunnel which was very painful. She couldn’t even turn a lamp on before using the oil

February 2015
Louise e-mailed that she had such a bad ear infection that nothing helped until she put the St Raphael oil in her ear and prayed. It worked. Thanks be to God

February 2015
My husband was cured of COPD and heart issues using the oil. He was on hospice last year and he got better. They were told no one gets better in the condition that he was in. They attribute it to the St Raphael oil.

January 2015
Donna wrote to tell us that she had ordered the oil for her friend with ovarian cancer. She was declared cancer free shortly after using the St Raphael oil. This came as a wonderful surprise to her doctors who thought she would need treatment for at least another year. Praise you Jesus

January 2015
Nuala from England told about her finger that was crushed a couple of years ago and she used the oil When she went back to the doctor 2 weeks later he said “I don’t know who you have been praying to but keep it up, this is a miracle” her finger was healed.

December 2014
Sister left her handbag on a train in London. She prayed to St Raphael for assistance. Her bag was recovered with all of it’s content including cash, credit card and phone. Praise the power of God and his angels.

December 2014
A neighbor had requested some of the St Raphael oil when she found lumps on her breasts. After using the oil the lumps miraculously disappeared by the time she had her appointment with a surgeon to have them removed just a couple of weeks after receiving and using the oil.

A man from the Solomon Islands wrote about how ill he was due to a particular poisonous plant that grows in the forest. He was scratched by it and became bed ridden and very swollen. Someone brought him a small bottle of St Raphael oil with the prayers and he applied it over his body and suddenly all the pains disappeared within a very short time.

December 2014
Connie told the story of a woman she had given the oil to. The woman was taking a strong antibiotic and felt it was hurting her ligaments in her calves. The next visit her eyes were bright and she said that her calves were better, however she also used the St Raphael oil on her knees and they were healed.

The person was healed of warts all over his body after a friend prayed with him and used the St Raphael oil.

Nov 2014
Cheryl let us know of her daughter who had leukemia and was 98% filled with cancer. She used the oil and continued with her chemo. When the oil was applied the girl oozed oil throughout her body. This happened 3 times. Her numbers went to 0 and have stayed there for several years.

Sept 2014
Joan wrote to tell us that her husband had been healed and she attributes it to using the St Raphael healing oil. She stated he had 4th stage lung cancer diagnosed a year before and was on chemo. He had little tumors lining the inside of his lung plus the original tumor which shrunk 2cm. The cat scans that he had in the hospital only 5 weeks before showed all the tumors and a pet scan that he had a week before showed only the one tumor 3cm left and it will be taken care of through radiation. Praise God, she believes they had a miracle through the intercession of St Raphael.

Shannon from Texas explained his wife was pregnant with their fifth child and was told she had a complete placenta previa and was facing either a premature baby or a miscarriage. She went on bed rest and used the St Raphael oil on her abdomen. Two weeks later a specialist told them it had completely cleared.

Sep 2014
 He was introduced to the oil of St Raphael and he used it daily. The last visit to the specialist Fran wanted to give this praise report from her friend that used the St Raphael oil on her son. In June of 2014 her son was taken to the hospital where his heart flat-lined (stopped completely) and he had paralysis in both arms and extreme pain at the base of his neck. A trans version of plasma was advised as they suspected anti body in the plasma. The diagnosis for a cure had not changed since they still didn’t know the cause but her son can now walk and use his right arm which totally surprised all doctors… The doctor explained that he cannot believe that this happened. They both believe it was due to his faith and the St Raphael oil.

Sept 2014
Cathy wrote to speak of her problem with halitosis. It was very unpleasant. She had consulted a dentist several times and they even did an endoscopy test. She was desperate. When she read about the healing oil, she wanted to try it. After using it for a short time she consulted with a colleague and they confirmed her halitosis had disappeared.

Sept 2014
Jane from IL had a praise report that her son who was addicted to drugs for 10 plus years is now sober through the intercession of St Raphael and our Blessed Mother. She is so grateful to have her son back and praises Jesus.

Sept 2014
JoAnne from Quincy spoke of her patient in a nursing home who was blind and missed being home. She gave her the oil and within a month the patient had eye surgery and started to see again thanks to his faith and through the intercession of St Raphael and our Lord.

August 2014
Robert from New York has been cured of lung cancer and he attributes it to using the St Raphael oil. Only a very small tumor remained.

August 2014
Brittani from NY was healed from a life long thyroid condition that she had for most of her adult life. She suffered from hypothyroidism. She used the oil faithfully every night and decided on her own to stop the medication. When she went back to her physician, he took more blood work. Her thyroid was normal and healed. The doctor couldn’t explain why she was healed. Brittani knew the answer. She knew that through the intercession of St Raphael and the Blessed Mother, she was healed.

August 2014
Mary-Jo from Florida wrote to tell us of the wonderful miracle that had taken place in her family. Her uncle Joe who was 82 became very ill with E Coli. As tests were being done, it was found that he had 8 tumors around his prostate gland.  The following day he was free from his symptoms. A week after he had a fever and a damaged stent in his heart. The infection cleared but the doctors were reluctant to biopsy the tumors due to complications with meds. Her uncle’s health continued to decline but he held onto his faith and believed God had already healed him.  They found absolutely nothing wrong. The doctor was amazed and asked for prayers for himself. To God Be the Glory.